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M1 3G Service Down on 15 January 2013 // What happened?

If you’re an existing M1 customer, were you one of those affected by the M1 3G outrage which started since 3am this Tuesday morning – 15th January 2013?

Woah..being not able surf the Web, make calls or send text messages..I bet that would have sucked!

And I bet if you were an M1 customer, you would have tried to find out what was going on. And then you’ll have seen this on the M1 Facebook page and had the following reaction:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.55.54 PM copy

Am I right?

And also using my imagination, I can TOTALLY imagine some scenarios that could have happened due to this incident:

1. Early in the morning if you want to check the SBS Iris app to check out the bus arrival timings
But you can’t and you didn’t realize it would have been better to take that bus 7 instead of your usual 197 that would be arriving in 29 minutes causing you to be late for work

2. You’re a business owner/seller/supplier and no one can get through to your phone
And then you lose potential business/profits

3. Emergency calls from home/work/your child’s school
Yeah, that would have been really really bad

4. Your car breaks down in the middle of one of the expressways – ECP/PIE/CTE or anywhere
Three words – Major.Traffic.Jam

5. Lost while walking/driving in Singapore and you need the GPS on your phone for directions
Although that probably RARELY will happen, but I know it does. Like the bf needs the GPS in order to drive around. Or what if you were finding your way to somewhere and have no access to the Internet to check?

6. Your gf hung up on you at 3am and expected you to call/sms her back.
But you didn’t – not because you didn’t want to, but you couldn’t. Then she breaks up with you over that. Ouch!

Oh yeah, figments of my lovely imagination, don’t you think? But I can BET a DOLLAR that at LEAST one of these incidents happened okay!

Anyway, the worst thing is – no Whatsapp, no sms, no streaming movies, no Youtube videos, no entertainment, and basically NO 3G is AWFUL! OMG! Thank goodness I’m on Singtel, but it’s actually pretty sucky too cos I don’t get 3G coverage in my own home -_-

Anyway, if you were wondering, what the hell really happened to M1, well here’s the media statement from M1:

SINGAPORE, 15 January 2013 – During a transmission equipment upgrade by one of our vendors at 3:00am this morning, a power incident at our network centre set off the gas suppression and water sprinkler systems, which in turn caused an outage to one of our mobile network switches.

This affected the 3G network entities connected to the switch and resulted in the loss of 3G mobile services to some of our customers in the South-Western parts of Singapore, namely West Coast, Jurong and Tuas areas.

Full Statement: M1 Press Statement


And there I was, considering to switch to M1 in the near future. Now I’m not too sure. Hurhur, but it’s most likely a 1 off thing.

I think.

Well, me thinks that an apology won’t suffice. M1 better listen to its customers and issue some form of compensation, or else there’s going to be a HUGE HOOHA. And to the rest who are STILL affected including the bfI hope you’ll get your 3G back soon!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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