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Chip-Hip Apparels ( // Advertorial & Clothing Review

I’ve been itching the WHOLE WEEK to share with everyone this awesome and SUPER AFFORDABLE apparel shop for quite some time. So now finally, I can introduce to you:


Background is an online apparel shop started in December 2012 by a lovely couple, Rachel & Xavier, with the goal of providing customers – Fashion At Wholesale Prices with new apparels launched every one or two weeks.

They are also one of the 20 Most Anticipated Shops For 2013 as featured on BlogShop Magazine HERE (similar to GlamPuss)


So if you were thinking – Ehhh..Wholesale prices? How true can this be? And how MUCH does that mean? Well, take a look at the screen grab from their website!

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.37.01 PM
Blouses GOING at SGD 9 MAILED!

Yes, ALMOST ALL THEIR BLOUSES are PRICED at SGD $9 while Moreover, all items INCLUDE free normal mail within Singapore! Like seriously WOW! That’s really, really cheap right?!


The reason for the cheap and affordable prices is because gets their apparel from their friend over in Indonesia, a wholesaler who self manufactures his clothing. He then supplies them at the same price he gets from his manufacturers plus a small margin and the added bonus of low cost international shipping.

Kudos to the owners of!

Best of all, unlike many shops, the owners at don’t seize the opportunity to mark up their prices drastically despite the fact they probably can earn more. As a result, Chip-Hip is then able to pass the savings to their customers!

With that being said, you should be wondering about the quality of the items received for the price paid right? Well, the lovely (and friendly) owners of kindly sponsored me an apparel of my choice from their collection. So let’s take a look shall we?(:

First of all, this was the top I selected.

Button Laced Blouse (White) // SGD 9 MAILED

And a couple of days ago, I received it in the mail! Yay for opening up packages!(:
Oh and delivery was really prompt within 2-3 days as their items are generally instock. 

Just received my pretty top in the mail!

I’m totally digging the pretty lace design at the back and shoulder portion of this top!

Just a close up

But my issue is this – Can I fit into it?

That’s because to be frank – I’m not skinny! I’m hovering on the plump side actually and am a little busty for blouses. So generally if you know me, I’m a huge fan of dresses as they are pretty, easy to wear and they hide fats (Not all of course)! So, I don’t really go for blouses unless I know that I can fit into them without looking too fat on top and at the bottom.

I’m a pear shape!
Despite that, I decided to take a gamble with the Button Lace Blouse from

Wondering if I can fit into it?
My wth, let’s just try it face

So here we go:

For this top, it is made of chiffon material with no inner lining, hence, it is very sheer for white. It is highly recommended to wear a spaghetti top inside unless you have a really great body to show off.

However, I have to say that this material is great for the hot weather in Singapore! Oh and for this review, I’m wearing a black spaghetti top inside.Now first, I tried it the normal way of buttoning up. It was okay I guess, pretty normal, rather comfortable and light.

Worn buttons up

And then I thought – there’s another greater way to wear this that will suit my body type better! So I decided to wear it as an outerwear instead!

Oh and pardon the fat tummy and elephant thighs!

Wearing it as an outer wear

But my most favorite way of wearing it?

Like this!(:

Gosh, I so love this look! It’s casual, comfy, hides the fats where I want it to and lol, overall..I like it a lot! It’s such a steal for just $9 don’t you think?(:

Unfortunately, at this moment (I just checked), this top is current sold out! But NOT to worry! There is this other piece – White Lace Back Blouse, which is somewhat similar to this piece as well! And the material is quality cotton and rayon (for the rear). Best of all – it’s ALSO $9 MAILED!

Click on the pictures to be redirected to the respective product page(:

White Lace Back Blouse // SGD 9 MAILED
The awesome lace back with a tinge of sexiness!

So here are some of my top picks from their current selection!
Click on the picture to be redirected to the product at

Mdm Butterfly Blouse (4 Colors Available) // SGD 9 MAILED
Classic Batwing Blouse // SGD 9 MAILED
Flutter Chiffon Blouse (White) // SGD 9 MAILED
Monochrome Dress // SGD 13 MAILED

And my OTHER MOST favorite piece:

Simple Flare Top (Navy Blue) // SGD 9 MAILED

Aren’t they all super nice AND SUPER affordable?
So what are YOU waiting for

Oh and if you noticed, their current selection at the moment is relatively limited as they have only just started out last month in December. Don’t worry though! This is because launches NEW apparels every 1 or 2 weeks! So the BEST way to keep updated about their new arrivals is to:


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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