10K Blog Views In Less Than 2 Months! // Thank You!

First and foremost, I have somehow managed to achieve 10,000+ blog views in less than 2 months! And yes, this does NOT include my own blog views. Plus according to WordPress – my views don’t even count.

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Achieving almost a minimum of 200 views a day since 19 Nov 2012

Again I always mention that I started this blog on 19th November 2012. And today, the day I’m writing this post is the 11th of January which is just a week away from my blog’s 2nd month ‘birthday’.

To be honest right now, I’m still reeling in surprise about the views as seriously – I never thought I could ever reach the 10k mark so soon as it was just a dream goal. Moreover, my previous blog achieved like 800 views or something, and I, at that time thought it was a fantastic achievement. 

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank EVERY single one of you who have either

  • Stumbled on my blog through the various search engines or Facebook or idk!
  • Been a follower of my blog throughout these 2 months

I honestly seriously appreciate it and I do hope that you will continuously support and follow me on my blogging journey and of course, my shop – GlamPuss

Next Target: 20,000 views.
And if really that happens, I’ll host a blog giveaway!(:

Speaking of which, goodness, I realized I haven’t done a food review for quite some time. Don’t worry though, I’ll definitely schedule one sometime next week.

Meanwhile, in the next few posts, stay tuned for:

  1. An apparel shop advertorial (up REALLY soon)
  2. My graduation day where my foot got run over by a car
  3. Updates on GlamPuss

The rest of my Overdue Posts

  • My Christmas Eve + Lunch with the mom
  • Astons Noms
  • Yomenya Goemon with the girls
  • Mcdonalds
  • Kim Gary with the bf
  • MOF with the girls
  • Sushi with Zl and Crystal
  • Botejyu San with the bf
  • What happened this weekend
  • Popeyes with the bf
  • White Tangerine Cafe with the bf
  • Blatant Advertorial 6 – GlamPuss C6: Motley
  • Mini One Bakery
  • Ambush at Plaza Singapura

And yeah, I think that’s all for now! Once again, thank you(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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