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Nails Etcetera with Priscilla // Advertorial & Review

If you know me on a personal level, then you would know that I love gorgeous nails! Yes, I have been a HUGE fan of acrylic extensions for a couple of years now because they are just simply..gorgeous(: But recently, I realized that I’m also a fan of gelish as well because they don’t hurt my nails as badly. Plus I’m not as handicapped too. Hehe.

Well, recently, I joined a free gelish manicure giveaway hosted by the lovely blogger, Cindy Yeo on her blog somewhere in late November 2012. So imagine my surprise when Cindy dropped me a Facebook message in December informing me that I was one of the lucky winners!(:

Yeah, was SUPER happy to have won because I had been dying to do my nails for quite awhile. They were still in the recovery stage after my last acrylic extensions, plus I did start on my handicraft projects so…acrylic nails were kinda out. But not gelish ;p

But anyway, enough about that! 

So over the weekend, I decided to redeem my free gelish and also do an advertorial and review to thank her for my lovely set of nails (which you have seen posted on my Facebook/Instagram). 

To start off, here’s introducing...

Nails etcetera by Priscilla, started 2 years ago is a home based nail salon in Anchorvale, Seng Kang which offers professional nail services such as gelish, acrylic and gel nail extensions at affordable rates!

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SMS / WhatsApp Priscilla at 97267125 for an appointment!
Quote ‘mitsueki’ for 10% off Nail Art

So let’s take a look at my visit shall we?(:

But first, my OOTD featuring my favourite dress from JobandShop and accessories from GlamPuss
My Nails BEFORE the gelish session

Oh, and I know that many people have never patronized a home salon before hence, I shall start off with my first impression of the Priscilla’s home based nail salon.

Well, this is her workspace that she set aside right at the front of her home. So the moment you enter her home, you’ll be greeted by this sight.

Lol, were you expecting something seedy?

Her workspace – looks professional no?
Gorgeous Nail displays/samples and such
All arranged nicely and neatly(:

I really love the fact that Priscilla puts in effort in making sure that each and everyone feels comfortable in her home and she just adds these small little touches everywhere which adds up to a very pleasant first experience.

For example, take a look at the following picture. She has a handphone stand for your phone, a little holder for your rings and jewelry and naturally, she offered a drink(:

All the little touches

And as seen in this photo grabbed from her blog, look at the right side –> she also has a mini fan/aircon located at the side for maximum comfort. And if you’re bored, you can always watch the TV that was specially installed just for that purpose.

As taken from her blog

Oh and I didn’t take a single picture of her doing my gelish manicure because
A) I love watching people do my nails so I focused on that
B) I totally forgot

But really, the main reason is because Priscilla and I hit off really well and basically, we chatted throughout our 2 hour long session exchanging information, tidbits and gossips. Yepp, she’s really friend and chatty and I didn’t even have to look at the TV either!

Generally a normal gelish manicure (solid color) takes about 45 – 60 minutes to complete. But I decided to top up for a gelish with nail art instead because I didn’t really like plain colors. Hence, it took pretty long – about 2 hours. However, that’s also because Priscilla is a perfectionist.

So be rest assured that you will ONLY leave AFTER she deems her work perfect! She spends plenty of time removing my excess and annoying cuticles, buffing my super awful weak nails, doing at least 5 coats of top coat/overlay and this is the BEFORE and AFTER result:

My Nails – Before and After

Isn’t it GORGEOUS? Yeah, I chose pastel pink as my base color and those roses are actually stickers! But of course, not your run of the mill kind – they are imported all the way from Japan and they look ultra realistic!

The final end product (Clear picture)

If you love this design as well, this is the price breakdown(:
Gelish Base with Jan Promo = $30 + Nail art = $25.
Total = $55!
Quote ‘mitsueki’ to get 10% off Nail art(:

Also, remember I mentioned that Priscilla is a perfectionist? You can see it here

4 days later // Super even! Only the Swarovski Crystals are the non even parts(:

Also, gelish can last up to 3 weeks (or more if you’re like me). Like today, 4 days after the gelish, it still looks as perfect!

And it’s super SHINY too!~
Yepp, lovelove my nails!(:

Yeah, so from my post, you can also tell that I’m a HUGE fan of home based nail salons. That’s ever since I went to one a couple of years ago. Since then, I never looked back as generally they are more affordable, friendlier, professional, and best of all – they are GOOD at what they are doing! That’s why I will always recommend my friends or anyone to patronize a home salon.

So why not with Nails etcetera by Priscilla?
Take a look at some of her previous works that I was debating to do for my nails previously:

It’s super striking!
These are ALL stickers!
Handpainted Roses
Bridal Nails
Hello Kitty pedi!
One of my fave!

And we all know that Chinese New Year is around the corner right?
So hurry and book your slots with Priscilla for GORGEOUS New Year Manicures and Pedicures!


Appointments please SMS / WhatsApp Priscilla at 97267125
If you have a special design in mind, send the photo to her when you book your appointment

CNY Gelish Manicure
CNY Pedicure


Appointments please SMS / WhatsApp Priscilla at 97267125
If you have a special design in mind, send the photo to her when you book your appointment

Slots are LIMITED!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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