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Part II: My Christmas Day // Overdue!

Phew, I’m finally going to finish with my Christmas posts!
Highly suggest you read this first:

>> Part I: My Christmas Eve 2012 // Overdue Post <<

So yeah..where was I? Yes, yes I remember now! Okay, now I shall reveal my presents for the bf’s family! And obviously, the following were previously packed at home ;p

And I’m going to let the pictures tell most of the story(:

ONWARDS with the wrapping!

And actually, the t shirts were the only things that were needed to be wrapped. Lol

Yeah, these shirts ;p (with one extra for myself)
Got the bf’s bro a Dota Shadow Fiend shirt
Windrunner for myself, but she looks more like Drow here don’t you think?
Wanted to get bf his fave hero – Templar Assassin but no design was available. So I got him Pandaren Brewmaster instead. Why? Cos of his fat tummy!
His sister loves studs and spikes so I specially handmade this necklace for her(:
Brands Berry Essence for his mom
All wrapped and ready to go!
And a camwhore picture in my nightdress(:

But before that, here’s my OOTD for Christmas(:

Brand-less. Well, the shorts were from Cotton On and the rest are just..ehh from Bugis I think?

So over at the bf’s house, I received my presents from the bf and his mom(: YAY for presents!

Extremely psyched about my presents! ^^

And now..the opening ceremony! With the bf’s presents first(:

He has 2!
Unwrapping his big present!
It’s a briefcase bag!(:
And he immediately wore his new shirt!

After that, he immediately ran off to his bro’s room to see what I got for Xiang.

Both unwrapping the present. Again, bro’s playing SF in Dota
His sf shirt!
The 2 brothers showing off their new shirts!

And now, for my presents!(:

It’s a Rilakkuma Polaroid camera!(: Thanks hun!
And film(:
My lovely present from the bf!
Happy me! ^^


And a bottle of perfume from his mom(:

Then we moved on eating our Christmas lunch! They ordered Domino’s Pizza backwhich is one of their family’s favorite!
**This is not a review on Dominos**

Digging in!
It was GOOD!~
Hawaiian, but I prefer the pepperoni!
Cinnamon Bread I think? I can’t remember!
The bf and I
The bf pigging out!
Dominos has awesome deals!

After being filled up with loads of yummy food, the bf and I just slacked around randomly. I can’t remember why lol!

Relax Choya!
I really love this chair! Super comfy and fun to sit in
luhs, random shot


I feel like a chicken cooped in a pen with my evil owner on the outside who plans on cooking me
Okay, and now, a self camwhore pic

And remember in the previous post, we bought loads of DVDs to watch? Yeah! So we watched The Dog Whisperer on Christmas Eve, and decided to watch How I Met Your Mother on Christmas instead(:


Bf doing the setup


Season 1: How I Met Your Mother – Hilarious
And paired with sweet popcorn!

And at the end of the day, we had dinner together. So yeah, nothing specialno turkey, ham or whatsnot. You can tell that their family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas. Well, in my case, because the bf knows I wanted a little more than that, so we bought a logcake (sponsored by his mom) from Four Leaves earlier that afternoon.

Le kawaii Christmas Chocolate Log cake!
And again!
The bf got the piece with the star and tree
Totally egging him to eat the tree. It’s sugar anyway!
I like mushrooms, so I got the part with the lone mushroom(:
The cake was just meh~ Too much cream, but the sponge was awesome!
And uh, my mushroom fell on the floor while taking this picture. lol



Couple shot(:
Oh yeah, his bro got the pink santa!


He bit off part of Santa’s head!

And well, to remember this day always, I took home a little souvenir(:

My souvenir from the cake – a mistletoe ;p

Yeah, it was a really great Christmas, spent with my loved onesmy mom (on Christmas Eve), friends (Christmas Eve dinner to be updated) and of course, with the bf and his family. I had a great time, loved all my presents and I’m looking forward to the next. 

In the future, when I have my own home and everything, I’m definitely be hosting either a Christmas dinner or a party or something! I want to have turkey, honey baked ham and all that other Christmas jazz and decorations all over my house!

Oh and I want a dog and a cat too.
That’s totally random – I know!

Let’s end off this blog post with an awesome picture:

The bf’s big butt

As always, thanks for reading!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki


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