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Part I: My Christmas Eve 2012 // Overdue Post

So..New Year 2013 has passed by already and Chinese New Year is coming soon. And guess what?

I’m writing about Christmas Eve that happened in 2012. LOL.

Well TECHNICALLY I have even more overdue posts, but I had to finish my Christmas posts first =.= Also, I have split them into TWO postsPart I: Christmas Eve and Part II: Christmas (the latter posting up soon!)

**Expect it to be photo intensive! **

Now let’s finally start!

On the Friday before Christmas, I attended my first ever company Christmas party! It’s nothing much, just a lunch buffet with all the colleagues and a lucky draw.

Yeah, the main highlight was definitely the lucky draw! Duh! 😀 And yay! My lucky number 214 clinched the 4th prize of a lunch voucher for 2 at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel!(: Gonna go redeem it with my mom soon, and my food review ;p

Yepp, a great start to Christmas right?

So the day before Christmas Eve was a Sunday, and I spent that day over the bf’s house doing:

1. My GlamPuss photoshoot for the Mythical Dragons collection 

Stock Taking and Photoshoot!
The bf and our container where we store our supplies
Launched on 27th December!

2. Packing of presents for my colleagues

Just some snacks for Jaeq(: I recall she said she liked butter cookies!
A pretty hair tie for pretty Jess as I noticed she likes hair accessories.
The Perfect Gift Necklace from GlamPuss for Vivi
The Diminutive Snowflake Necklace from GlamPuss for Sandy
For the 2 men in the office while the other 2 were for ZL and Crystal when we went for sushi (to be posted in the future)

3. Watching movies

Yeah, before that, we did pop by a video shop and bought the full series of Pirates of the Carribean, Season 1 of The Dog Whisperer and Season 1 & 2 of How I Met Your Mother! The bf paid about $120 for these after the discounts.

Yay! Our loot!

4. Packing of our first ever international orders to the United States

 And while watching, we were doing some packing and such for GlamPuss international orders(:

The Gold Phantom for Kaitlyn in the US
The Silver Phantom for Amy in the US
My handcrafted Vintage Ruby Passion Necklace for Marit in Belgium
Not many, but I’m really happy(:

And at the end of the day, here’s an unglam pose of the bf – LOL

UNGLAM photo of the bf

And now, seriously, onto Christmas Eve. Well, I did tell you it’s going to be photo intensive right?! So first up, gifts from the lecturers and colleagues

Yeah, that’s a HUGE tin of popcorn
Celebrated with a mini KFC Christmas celebration
Huge bag of gifts from all my colleagues and some lecturers
And on the way back, bought some last minute Christmas gifts. Had to lug them all back by myself >_<~
SEE how BIG the bag was!

First, I gave my mom her presents!

Gimme my present, says my mom

In case you were wondering what’s inside – some tidbits (her fave) and a bottle of bird’s nest. Not being cheapskate! I’ve already treated her to a Christmas lunch previously. Will post that up soon (:

IS THERE! I said

And now, the best part..the opening of presents! I LOVE LOVE LOVE opening wrapped up stuffpresents, parcels, whatever! So GIVE ME STUFF TO OPEN!(:

Yes, I opened them WAY before ChristmasI couldn’t resist!

Presents from Colleagues
Presents from the lecturers
The entire pile that I lugged home that day
Jess’s handmade gift – pretty!
Recyclable Shopping Bag from lecturer – gave to my mom
MeltyKiss chocolates from my 2 guy colleagues
Royce Chocolates from both Vivi and 1 lecturer
From the lecturer
Kawaii panda hand cream from Etude House from Jaeq
From Sandy – an accessories holder

And I’m ending this super photo intensive blog post with a LOL picture.

TADAAA! After 10 minutes of hard work

It took me forever to remove them because ONLY AFTER that, I realized it was only meant for like earrings and suchnot necklaces =.=

And if I remember right, after that I went for a Christmas Eve sushi dinner with the bf, ZL and Crystal. But that post will be updated MUCH later! Next week?

Okay, that’s all for now! Stay tuned for Part II: My Christmas 2012!
As always, thanks for reading!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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