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Long term support for injured serviceman Jason Chee // Updates

Hi guys, I know that most of us are still closely following up on Jason Chee Weng Fai after the incident that happened last year in December 2012 where he lost both legs, 1 arm and 3 fingers.

Most of us should be wondering:
1. How is his condition now?
2. Does he still require donations? 
3. What is going to happen after the donations drive is closed?
4. Is there any support for him if his case dies down?
5. Any donation drives available (
please read the last part)

So this morning, I read the official report from ChannelNewsAsia that pretty much answered all the questions above:

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen on January 4 visited naval serviceman Jason Chee who was involved in a horrific accident last month. 

Dr Ng Eng Hen visits ME2 Jason Chee at the high dependency ward in CGH on Friday. // Credits cyberpioneer Facebook

He gave the assurance that Jason and his father would be taken care of in the long-term.

Dr Ng revealed that doctors from the Singapore Armed Forces have also been in touch with specialists in the US military, who have experience in rehabilitating veterans with lost limbs.

Dr Ng said the aim is to get Jason up and about, independent, as far as possible.

He posted the comments on the Singapore Armed Forces Facebook page, Cyber Pioneer.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 1.46.16 PM

Dr Ng said the Defence Ministry will pay for all hospitalisation and rehabilitation expenses.

I reassured his dad, Mr Chee, not to worry about the hospitalisation and rehabilitation expenses – we would pay for all of this. I thanked his doctors and nurses who have been working round the clock to save Jason’s life,” said Dr Ng.

He added: “Jason’s dad, Mr Chee, a retiree, said that his wish was to be able to live his remaining days together with Jason, without having to struggle. I understood what he was worried about. His wife had passed on two years ago and Jason was their only child. How would Jason and he take care of each other?

“I reassured Mr Chee that he should not be worried that our support would wane after Jason left the hospital and went home. The SAF and Singaporeans would be there for him and Jason in the long term.”

The minister said he has been receiving updates about the 29-year-old’s condition, twice daily.

Dr Ng added it was a moment of “relief and joy” to be able to shake Jason’s hands.

He said he conveyed to the serviceman, how Singaporeans from all walks of life – including those within the SAF, his Shunfu community and his friends buddies – were rooting for his recovery.

He also offered words of encouragement, praising Jason for his fighting spirit and urged him to press on.

The naval serviceman lost his legs and left arm in an accident on board the warship RSS Endeavour when he got caught between the ship’s motorised winch and a rope.

As of early this month, public donations for Jason have exceeded S$370,000.

Dr Ng said he’s touched by the spontaneous outpouring of donations, sympathy and support by the public.

He added this generous spirit will encourage SAF soldiers and lift their morale as they carry out their duty of defending Singapore.

“We will pray for his recovery. MINDEF and the SAF will be there, giving our full support for the long term. I have been deeply touched by the spontaneous outpouring of donations, sympathy and support by the public. This generous spirit will encourage our SAF soldiers and lift their morale as they carry out their duty of defending Singapore,” Dr Ng said.

Credits: ChannelNewsAsia and CyberPioneer Facebook Page

So be rest assured that Jason Chee will be well taken of by the government and the SAF and as always, he will have all us – Singaporeans’ support forever.

Also, I understand that some of you may have missed out on the public donation drive held by the Shunfu RC which has ended but you still would like to donate. However at this moment, I’ve checked with my colleague who is the classmate of Jason Chee and he told me that there is no other avenue available at the moment where you can still donate (unless you are a UniSim student/staff/alumni) as:

1. Public Donation Drive held by Shunfu RC is closed

2. Current UniSIM donation drive is only open to uniSIM students, staff and alumni


Yes, if you didn’t know, he is an existing SIM student. His classmate, my colleague was the person who contacted them to ask if they could host the donation drive. They said yes, BUT I was unable to reveal this previously as this donation drive was requested by SIM to be kept out of the media/public eye at that period of time.

3. He is unsure if the Navy is still collection donations at the moment

So, I’ve dropped a message to Booms Ho to see if a direct cheque donation can still be made to Jason Chee. I will update again once I get a reply (hopefully).

Till later
♥ mitsueki

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