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Charly T’s Food Journey // A Food Review

I love buying from Deal websites such as Groupon Singapore, to name a few. So far, I’ve never really encountered anything negative about these deal sites. Then again, I only go for clothing or FOOD deals! They have really awesome swee food deals that I just can’t seem to pass up on!

Like recently, I just made the bf get this deal from Groupon:

Click to purchase. Sale on till 28/12/12

Okay okay, sorry for sidetracking! This post is supposed to be about Charly T’s! So just a little background about this restaurant:

Charly T is a most unique persona ‘as it could have been, should have been, and as such would be’. The name ‘Charly’ first started as a nickname, which stuck with him for it described him so well. ‘Charly’ in the West comes from the base word ‘Charles’, which in German means a free-spirited man. In the East, ‘Charly’ in the Chinese characters ‘查理’ (cha li) means to investigate, search,and research – or more simply, the ‘seeker of truth’. Free-spirited, curious and adventurous, Charly T enjoys in equal parts food, music and the art of food journeying. He is pleased to share with friends new and old his innovative ways of serving chicken and other mains, complemented by ‘additions’ of comfort foods and interesting desserts and beverages – both natural and spirited!

For to Charly T, life’s made of exciting never-ending food journeys and more!

Read more: HERE (Charly T’s website)

Sounds like an interesting concept right?

So anyway, there’s a Charly T’s outlet near Plaza Singapura at Nomu building where I walk pass everyday with the bf  to Plaza Sing for dinner. In case you were wondering – huh? where?

Nomu Building (The Cathayon the right)

It’s behind Plaza Singapura, next to The Cathay.

20 Handy Road Level 1 NOMU (beside The Cathay)
Singapore 229236
T 6336 7789 F 6339 5081

Well, I’ve always wanted to try it, but never really did. Not sure why, even when I walk past it everyday. So when I saw this deal on BigDeal, I knew I couldn’t pass out on this awesome offer.

Sorry! Deal is already OVER

Anyway, this wasn’t the exact one that I bought, mine was bought like a couple of months ago as a surprise monthiversary gift for the bf. I bought 2 of the vouchers, so it was $16 for $40 worth of food.

Not bad huh?

My Bigdeal Coupon!

But do note that you have to make reservations to get the nicer seats (or even any seats at all). I booked it last minute like at 4pm, on the 2nd last day before the coupon expired, and hence, I was only able to book a table at 8.30pm! Yeah, it was THAT crowded. All last minute bookingsJust like me. LOL.

We decided to go earlier at 7.45pm hoping to get a seat while snapping a couple of photos outside. Photos rather dark as I took them without flash at night.

Exterior with bar stools. Great to hang out for a drink. Loads of food picture around
Food photo displays
Featuring their famous rotisserie chicken

Well, lucky for us, the previous occupants of our table ate pretty quickly, so we were seated at our reserved table at about 8pm. Love you guys – whoever you are!

Ordering Process

Their ordering process is rather different compared to conventional restaurants. It’s like a fast food restaurant ordering processing with a table service restaurant service? Ah whatever that means.


So okay, to look at the menu, you can only look at the screen, if I remember right, there’s no other menu provided. Luckily, we did our research first by looking at their online menu to plan our meal to hit $40! Unfortunately, there were some things on the physical menu that wasn’t in the online menu.

Bah, decisions decisions decisions

Here’s the PART of the online menu for you to check out:

PART of their menu

To view the FULL menu, click HERE.

We finally settled our orders though because our tummies were rumbling! This was what we ordered:
– 2 sets of 1/4 rotisserie chicken with sides of mac&cheese and german potato salad
– 1 kaiserschmarrn – wondering what’s that? read on to find out(:
– 2 iced lemon tea

Our food order

Over $40 but that’s okay. Oh and we wanted the garlic butter rice as our sides, but had to settle for german potato salad instead as it was sold out! Must be good huh?

While waiting, here’s some shots that we took – of the interior and self camwhore shots:

Gotta reserve EARLY for those nice comfy seats at the back
Magazines and knickknacks
Gorgeous ceiling display
Nice and comfy overall interior design
Charly T’s food journeys map
The bf

And now, onto our food. As usual, let’s have the pictures say it all(:

But first, check out the UNIQUE and SUPER COOL utensils
Homemade Iced Tea // SGD 3 each
Their famous rotisserie chicken (original receipe) with 2 dips/sauces // SGD 13
Moist and juicy. Yum. I love THIGH

Oh and the skin, is just SINFULLY GOOD. Even if you’re on a diet, just EAT IT. Really.

Tender thigh meat

Yeah as you can see from the above pictures, the rotisserie chicken is really good. Succulent, juicy, tender and there’s so much more I can say about it. Forget the sauces/dips, it’s good enough alone. Seriously. I like it a lot!(:

You know why it’s especially juicy and tender? Read on to find out more!

The bf had chicken breast meat
His breast meat – surprisingly, not tough? And this sounds wrong

Usually breast meat can be rather tough right? That’s one of the main reasons why I stay away from it. Plus thigh just tastes so much nicer! Lol, but anyway, surprisingly the rotisserie’s chicken breast meat is not too bad. It’s pretty tender actually.

And the reason for the tenderness, flavor, etc is because the chicken is marinated for over 13 hours before being slow cooked to perfection. Due to that, the skin is nice and crispy on the outside while still retaining it’s tender and juicy flavor on the inside.


Our sides – German potato salad. Looks watery no?

So when you order the chicken, depending on the size (and price), you get from 2 – 4 sides to choose from. We had the quarter chicken, so that entitles us to 2 sides each. The bf and I took the same sides – german potato salad and mac and cheese.

Oh when I had my first look at the german potato salad, I was like thinking..eww..that’s so watery! I wasn’t expecting much really.

Not too bad though(:

Yeah, it’s surprisingly NOT bad. I won’t rave about it, but it tastes wayyy better than it looks. Would have preferred the rice though..too bad it was sold out ;/

Mac&Cheese – just meh

Too little cheese. That’s all I’m going to say. I love cheese :3


Like hungry beasts, we devoured everything. It’s bad to waste food y’know ;p

Kaiserschmarrn with homemade vanilla ice cream // SGD 16

And FINALLY..DESSERT! Well, you must be wondering.

What on EARTH is Kaiserschmarrn RIGHT? Well, according to the Charly T’s menu, it describes it as:

***-ed up pancakes … good for 2!

Well, sounds good to me. So that’s we ordered one to try. But do note the price is VERY steep. Yeah, $16 a pop for this dish. Well, at least it’s for two and it comes with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream as you can see in the picture.

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream //  LOVE IT

Before I talk more about the Kaiserschmarrn, I have to talk about this ice cream first. Okay, I’m a HUGE fan of ice creamthe basic flavors that is. But I can say that it is NOT easy to find homemade ice cream (made from vanilla beans_ that tastes really..GOOD even though you can find vanilla ice cream almost everywhere.

This particular homemade vanilla ice cream STANDS OUTIt literally brought me to heaven on my first bite.
*rolls eyes in bliss reminiscing about the taste*

Yeah, it was that good. You should try it. Really.

If you don’t want to pay the $16 price tag for the Kaiserschmarrn JUST to try the ice cream, well you can always get the ala-carte ice cream at just $4(:

Kaiserschmarrn topped with powdered sugar and raisins

And now, about the Kaiserschmarrn. Basically it’s a Austrian-German dessert where a pancake is cut up into pieces before being served with powdered sugar and raisins as you can see in the picture.

The taste test? Well, it’s very sweet, has a egg-y like taste, is rather moist and it gives you a HUGE sugar rush! I think it was fine, not extremely fantastic that I have to rave about, but it is an interesting dish that I have never tasted before. Oh and this entitles me to say this:


I have not been able to try anything else from the menu, so I grabbed the following pictures from Charly T’s Facebook – the food that I would want to try the next time I’m back at Charly T’s and basically, just interesting/delicious looking food:


I realized I never talked about the sauces. Here they are: Charly T’s Sauces- Creamy Sesame, Chermoula, Ginger Lemon, Kansas BBQ Sauce, Charly T’s Original Sauce #3 – Hot, Roasted Peanuts, Charly T’s Original Sauce #2 – Spicy, Chimichurri, Charly T’s Original Sauce #1 – Mild
The Jumbo Schnitzel Burger
Kaula Pork
Mazatlan Tuna Salad
Chocolate Chips Muffin
Negima Salmon Yakitori
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Ice Cream Sandwich
Grand Marnier Souffle

Looks good? Well head down to Charly T’s to try out their yummy food! OH OH AND!

Get 20% OFF // Click to find out more!

20 Handy Road
Level 1 NOMU (beside The Cathay)
Singapore 229236
6336 7789


Other Outlet:
112 East Coast Road #03-15,
I12 Katong Singapore 428802
T 6636 4701

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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