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VIDEO: Shocking Video Shows Biker Rams Pedestrian At Red Light Then Speeds Off

The period during Christmas is supposed to be full of joy, laughter and all that right? Sorry to spoil the mood but take a look at this horrendous footage taken last Saturday.

It is of a motorcyclist in SINGAPORE who IGNORED THE RED TRAFFIC LIGHT and RAMMED down a pedestrian crossing the road when the green man sign was on.

Like, seriously, what. the. f?
Yes, this happened in SINGAPORE.

Take a look at the RAW FOOTAGE of the accident which happened within 13 SECONDS:

“Shocking Video Shows Biker Rams Pedestrian At Red Light Then Speeds Off”

I wasn’t able to embed the Facebook video into my blogpost for some reason, so I uploaded the original video to Youtube as seen above.

Original Video Credits HERE from Norris Zulkifli’s Facebook

Trust that green man no more! Make sure that ALL vehicles stop FULLY before crossing the road. Be safe.” – Nooris Zulkifli

Thankfully, the woman is still alive according to the report here: 

SINGAPORE: A female pedestrian involved in a motorcycle accident that occurred last Saturday is recovering at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

The pre-dawn accident happened at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 6 and 7.

The motorcyclist who hit her was arrested on the spot for riding dangerously.

A video of the accident, captured moments before the pedestrian was hit, has gone viral on the internet. The motorcycle which hit her had beaten a red light.

The woman was flung a distance on impact, with the motorcyclist involved eventually returning to the scene.

The pedestrian, who is in her late 40s, was conscious after the accident and brought to a hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Credits: ChannelNewsAsia HERE


Also, based on the comments here, it seems that the woman is in ICU right now and she has broken her HIP and LEG. 

Let us hope that she will recover soon

The motocycle plate number of the man who knocked the woman down

Meanwhile, I hope that proper JUSTICE will be served to this pathetic man. He AT LEAST  deserves a jail sentence and gets banned from driving FOREVER.


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