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The Bestie From Aussie // Teo Heng KTV (Karaoke) – LICK Little Ice Cream Kafe – Old Airport Road Food Centre

Phew, I’ve been so swamped with loads of stuff the last couple of weeks, from meet ups with loads of friends (blog post up probably next year), work, marketing for GlamPuss and of course, LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

Added to that, I have LOADS of overdue blog posts lined up for me to write. I don’t know why some bloggers complain that they have nothing to write about when I have like..too much! Hurhur. Anyway, this particular post is SUPER overdue which I had promised like ages ago HERE. Holy crap, that’s like almost 3 weeks ago?!

Okok, enough sidetracking, let’s get on with the blogpost.
**NOTE: It’s going to be LONG and PHOTO INTENSIVE!:

So I have a couple of buddies in my life who I consider to be my best friends, like truly forever. One of them is that idiotic Crystal (from sec school) whom I love to bits, Rachel (from poly) who is the owner of Love For Fabric and the other is Steffi (another sec school friend), who is located in Aussie right now.

Yeah, she has been there for quite awhileever since after secondary school actually. Studying of course.

She came back to visit like 3 years ago and crashed at my place for a couple of nights and since then, I haven’t seen her. So imagine how psyched I was when she told me that she would be coming back to Singapore for a couple of days! Initially it was supposed to be over the weekdays, but Crystal couldn’t make it. Luckily she decided to extend her stay so I definitely knew we had to hog her entire Saturday – or whatever we could of it.

Crystal managed to book a room at Teo Heng KTV Studio over at Katong Mall from 12pm – 3pm. Wished it could be longer, but that was all they had as we only booked it on Wednesday.

So a word of advicealways book it WAYYY in advance if you wish to sing longer as it really gets fully booked over the weekends really fast cos it’s real cheap compared to Kbox(;

Teo Heng Katong
KTV Katong Shopping Centre #01-75-82/90/92
865 Mountbatten Road, S437844

Call 6345-6512 / 64402794 for reservations

Yummy Tom Yum Instant Noodles~

Because we met at 12pm, we didn’t have lunch so we ordered Tom Yum Instant Noodles and other finger food such as Nachos, etc from Teo Heng. Crystal helped us to buy bubble tea for the rest and herself, and passionfruit ice blended for myself. So it was a super cheap meal! Sorry for the blurry photos!


That’s Steffi eating her noodles with Crystal‘s hand doing the thumbs up sign and the bf at the back selecting songs. Again, blurry, Boo

Crystal – LOL

Epic blurry photo of Crystal singing. Whoo!

Oh and here’s a video of Steffi and I singing The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten. It used to be our FAVORITE song back in Secondary School and I just wanted to sing it together with her again to reminisce about the past.

Anyway, after singing, we wanted to find a place at Katong where we could sit, chat and have an ice cream or a light meal before dinner. I did my homework before that and the choices were:

1. With a Pinch of Salt
3. Ice Cream Gallery

In the end, after checking out all 3 places, we settled for LICK – short for Little Ice Cream Kafe. Cute huh?

LICK – Little Ice Cream Kafe

So let’s have the rest of the photos do most of the talking:

Interior from the Outside
Assorted Ice Cream Flavors
More flavors inside
Predominantly ice cream, but they also have TWG coffee/tea, finger food and such
Interior from inside
We sat all the way at the back with all the Victorian like furniture
Pretty lights above
Awesome couch
The bf
Crystal with Belgium Chocolate Flavor
Steffi with her Cookies & Cream Ice Cream flavor
Steffi’s Cookies & Cream again
More photos of Crystal
Random tard photo of the bf
Bf & I shared this – Vanilla and Cookies & Cream. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
After all that ice cream, time for MUNCHKIN!
Love to play Munchkins!
Played a SINGLE round for 1hour++!
The bf stole Steffi’s PANTYHOSE!
Random camwhore photo
Steffi & I(:
LOL group mirror shot
Group shot taken with Crystal’s LONG arm
And again!

All shots above taken at:

LICK – Little Ice Cream Kafe
258 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore City 437046

Overall, LICK is a great place to sit and chill and of course, have really delicious/awesome fresh homemade ice cream. All of us were prefer the traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream but they really do have loads of other varieties. Definitely would recommend it for yummy ice cream at Katong!

Old Airport Road Food Centre

After all that, we headed to Old Airport Road Food Centre for a FEAST FEATURING awesome Singapore local food! Again, let’s have the awesome food pictures tell the story(: Note that these food are all from the different stalls located there!

First of our food to arrive
Fried Carrot Cake (White)
Oyster Egg – blur sorry~
BBQ Chicken Wings – Sorry for blur photo!
Belacan Kangkung – sorry a lil blur
Clearer photo of all 4 dishes including sugar cane juice
Sambal Stingray
Chicken & Pork Satay
Absolutely STUFFED after the meal
LOL at the amount of food! ALL EATEN!
Ended off with dessert from Lao Ban Soya Bean curd
I love you guys(:

Above food photos taken at:
Old Airport Road Food Centre
19 Old Airport Road, Singapore 390019

Steffi’s handcrafted farewell gift from me(: – Yes I made this
Placed in an organza bag

So at the end of the day, I gave this to Steffi, a weaved bracelet which I handcrafted and customized for her to make it more unique, special and memorablelike how she is to me. I’ll miss her so much, and I really do hope that she will come back again soon(:

Crystals for my Crystal – a belated bdae gift

Lol, and I also gave Crystal her belated birthday gifta pretty Crystal jewelry set. I bought this before I set up GlamPuss, so if I didn’t buy it, I would have handcrafted a little something for her.

Well, I finally have come to the end of this SUPER LONG blog post.

Thanks for reading!

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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