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Public Monetary Donation Drive OPEN for JASON CHEE WENG FAI // Finally!

**Update: Donation Drive is closed, LATEST news HERE**

Yes guys, FINALLY I have news of the public monetary drive for Jason Chee Weng Fai that you all have been waiting for since the incident happened.

In case you don’t know who Jason Chee Weng Fai is, he is ME2 from the Singapore Armed Forces who was critically injured after he was caught between a winch and a rope onboard the navy’s Landing Ship Tank RSS Endeavour on 13 December 2012. You can read the blog post HERE

Jason Chee

As mentioned in  my numerous update posts about Jason:
– He does not need anymore O+ blood donations – Read HERE
He has regained consciousness recently – Read HERE
– It is confirmed that he has lost both legs, 1 arm and 3 fingers on the remaining arm

Anyway, my colleague had contacted Jason’s relatives but they never did get back to him about the donations since then. Thankfully though, another kind soul – Booms Ho, who is Jason’s neighbour went through another channel to try to open a public monetary drive for Jason.

Unfortunately, at that point of time it was not yet official as mentioned HERE.

However not to worry, it is now CONFIRMED from Booms Ho that Thomson Shunfu RC has finally agreed to collect the donations that will be going towards Jason Chee’s family.


So as you can see, for people who wish to donate, you can donate through Thomson Shunfu RC:

1. Cash Donations

Go down to the RC personally
313 Shunfu Road, Thomson Shunfu RC, #01-273, Singapore 570313
**NOTE: Try not to send cash via mail as it is very unsafe**

2. Cheque Donations

Send a cheque through mail, and write the following accordingly:

Address: 313 Shunfu Road, Thomson Shunfu RC, #01-273, Singapore 570313
Attention to: Jason Chee Weng Fai

**NOTE: Donation Drive will END 31st December 2012**
But MAY be extended if there is an overwhelming response.

Jason Chee

Just imagine. He is now only left with 2 fingers on his arm and as the family’s only child and sole breadwinner of the family, he still has his elderly father to support. Tragedy after tragedy keeps striking himfirst his mother, and now this incident.

So let us all as Singaporeans to come together in this period of time to donate what we can or have (as spare) to our fellow Singaporean in need – Jason Chee to show our support for him as a nation.

It doesn’t matter how much you donate, it is really the thought that counts.

Right now, I think that there is not enough exposure for the public monetary drive, so please share and spread the news via Facebook, Twitter and all the other social sites as well as any other channels.

I’ve started sharing it HERE

Let’s do it(:

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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