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Monster Curry, Food Republic 313 Somerset // Food Review

I love Japanese food! Do you?

So I’m super glad to have so many different types of Japanese restaurants, cafes and noms all around Singapore.

Like have you noticed?

– There’s at least ONE or more Japanese restaurant at almost EVERY shopping center!
Most of the food stalls at our local food courts are predominantly Japanese cuisine!

Ah yes, so last Wednesday (I think), I went to have dinner at Food Republic (yeah, that expensive food court) at 313 Somerset with the bf. My initial plan was to eat at Pepper Lunch (review here) but I chanced upon this stall where the food looked mighty tasty to me.

So here’s introducing…Monster Curry!

I couldn’t really find much information about it on their official website, but I chanced upon Brandon Lee’s food blog post which mentioned the following:

“Monster Curry. From the first moment one sets eyes on its circular yellow & red logo, featuring a cartoon dragon face where the gorilla’s face should be, there is the overwhelming sense of deja vu, and treachery.
With the birth of this new enterprise, in the same three places where Go Go Curry once stood, The En Dining company has engineered itself a stand-in to the throne. The large serving options are intact, and some new twists added. Inspired by the more successful CoCo Ichibanya chain, 5 levels of spiciness are now offered. In addition to the handful of fried meat options from before, some new menu items, including NATTO CURRY (abandon hope, all ye who dine here!). The porcelain plates have reached comically-large proportions: I swear the one I just ate off was larger than a 12″ pizza. “
First, some pictures of the stallfront with the attractive displays of curry rice.
As you can see, it actually shares the same space with 2 other stores:
1. Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen
2. Tokyo Pasta Mario
And here’s the menu for Monster Curry! As you can see, it’s all different types of Japanese curry rice ranging from just plain o’ Japanese curry and rice, curry with omurice, seafood and meat curry rice. Plenty to choose from!

As you can see, you can add additional toppings and you can even choose your desired spiciness level! Click HERE for a larger/clearer image of the menu(:
Upon ordering, you’ll be issued this buzzer (which has the Tokyo Pasta Mario logo on it) which will light up and signal to you that you can go collect your food from the counter when it is ready. Great, cos we don’t have to keep looking at the counter to check if it’s ready or not(: Oh, as this isn’t technically a cafe, everything is pretty much self-collect/self service.
Here’s the bf posing with it. He wasn’t up for a funny face. Hurhur
The interior. The stall on the right is Monster Curry.
We shared a cup of ice lemon tea, $1.80 between us.
I went for the Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, $9.80, Normal Hot spiciness level. The plate was REALLY huge but the food portion isn’t that big as you can see. I like the curry though, it’s sweeter than the one at Coco Ichibanya and I quite like it(:
Unfortunately, the Chicken Katsu did not impress me. From the picture you can tell that it looked pretty tough yeah? Yepp, was kinda overfried.
Here’s the bf with his Pork Katsu Curry Rice, $9.80Normal Hot spiciness level.
His Pork Katsu was juicy and tender. Not too bad. Preferred it over my chicken naturally.
All in all, I did finish the food though. I don’t like to waste food unless it’s, ugh. But you can tell that I liked the curry yeah? X)
So in total, we paid $21.40 for the whole meal. Yay for no GST/Service charge!(: Pretty affordable huh?
Overall, I think that it’s a nice place to eat out for a dinner date or even hanging out with friends. The seating area is away from the general sitting area at Food Republic so the noise level is pretty low.
Would I be back?
Maybe, if I’m around that area and I don’t want to eat at Pepper Lunch at almost the same price. It is a decent and cheaper alternative to Mr Curry/Coco Ichibanya as well. But I’ll probably not order Chicken Katsu Curry the next time round!
Monster Curry
#05-01 Stall 24 Food Republic
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6836 6855
Oops, I forgot to mention that they also have 2 more outlets:

Parco Marine Bay Outlet
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk Itadakimsu #03-05
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6333 4755

ION Orchard Outlet
2 Orchard Turn #B4-54
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 4555

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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