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Latest Updates on Chee Weng Fai Jason // Blood & Monetary Donation

My colleague along with some of his friends went to visit Jason at the hospital on Saturday, 15 December 2012 at about 7pm. However, Jason’s family has given orders to not permit any more visitors into the ward as they want to wait for his condition to stabilize. A navy personnel is currently on guard duty at the ICU to monitor his condition.

So please do not try to visit him at the moment

As a reminder, O+ blood donations are no longer needed for Jason Chee as there is sufficient in the blood bank at the moment. However, please continue to contribute blood as you never know when cases like these will occur in the near future.


Credits: Singapore Red Cross Press Release HERE 

With regards to the monetary donationsboth cheque and cash, it is currently on hold at the moment as it is still being discussed. So let us wait patiently for their reply.

I will update again soonest the moment I have official news regarding it.

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