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EPIKebabs Food Review // Meaty. Juicy. Epic

My colleagues and I always bemoan about the lack of good and affordable food choices for lunch on a daily basis. That’s why whenever a new store pops out, we get really excited.

So recently, this new food outlet opened up at our office building.

It’s a sandwich store/fast food restaurant selling as you can tell from name – Kebabs! Yepp and it’s Halal!(:


Credits: EPIKebabs Facebook

Everyday during noontime while we walk out of our office building for lunch, I am always drawn in to the delicious aromas coming from below where the new store is located. Yes I’m serious, it is that..? How do I say it?

Well, let’s just say that it smells really GOOD

Unfortunately, as the place is rather small plus it’s always packed during lunch time, we never really could get the opportunity to eat there. So I set up my mind to have dinner there with the boyfriend last week.

Again, during dinner time it was quite crowded, but I decided to wait it out till we finally had seats. Worth the wait? Let’s see:


You can see the menu choices on the menu boards displayed prominently around the shop. Pretty simple and straightforward nothing complicated(:

They have:

Chicken Roll // Credits: EPIKebabs Facebook

1. Roll
– Chicken $5 (Reg) / $6.50 (Large)
– Beef $5.50 / $7 (Large)
– Mixed $5.50/ $7 (Large)

Beef Sandwich // Credits: EPIKebabs

2. Sandwich
– Chicken $6
– Beef $6.50
– Mixed $6.50

Chicken Kebab with Basmati rice // Credits: EPIKebabs

3. Rice
– Chicken $6
– Beef $6.50
– Mixed $6.50

Just Salad // Credits: EPIKebabs

4. Salad
Just Salad $4
– With Beef/Chicken – I think $5-6?

Add $2 for a basket of chips and a choice of drinks


All their meat comes freshly carved from the doner in the shop. They have 2 doners, – 1 for beef and the other, chicken. The beef tends to get sold out really fast during the day while the chicken is usually sold out by the end of the day. When we were there, before the closing time, they had to turn away about 5~6 customers. Testament to their popularity no?

And now, onto our food. But first, some shots of the bf and myself as usual because we were waiting for the food to be ready. Have to say it took about 20~30minutes? Then again, it’s because it was relatively crowded.

Normal weird bf pose
Ultra duck lips
Big fat face!

And now..really, onto our food. 

Chicken Kebab with Basmati rice // $6

So the bf had the Chicken Kebab with Basmati rice, $6 along with an extra side of chips $2. The chicken portions were rather little but I guess it can also be attributed to the fact that they were almost out of chicken at that point of time. The rest of the sides – rice/salad/chips were generous though as you can see.

The bf

He thought was okay, loves the chips. I tried the rice – wasn’t to my liking (personal preference), would stick with bread/rolls.

Chicken Sandwich // $6

I had the Chicken Sandwich, $6 which is this large toasted panini filled with juicy chicken cuts along with a side of chips, $2.

Chicken Sandwich

Before you think – wa? SUPER KOSONG (empty)?! Nop, don’t worry. Usually it’s filled with veggies and a tomato (I think) as well as chill sauce. But I opted for just MAYO as my personal preference.

I thought the meat was yummytender and juicy in the right places and overall, it was very filling actually. I mean, look at the size of it! It’s quite big actually. Not to worry though, I have a huge appetite so hurhurhur :3


Oops almost forgot. I did mention about the combo they have right? Add $2 for chips AND a drink which you can choose from a little refrigerator they have at the side(:

Overall, I think I will definitely be back for more. Especially to try the beef which is like their best seller. It should be good since the demand is so high! But of course, let’s not assume and try it the next time(:

The food is good, the concept is more interesting other than the stereotypical Singaporean/Japanese/Chinese food we have everywhere and it’s not very expensive. Comparable to Subway in fact, but I think this is more filling!

Oh ladies, did I mention? 

There are at times, 2-3 hot/cute eyecandies manning the store – 2 of whom are the brothers running the store if I’m not wrong. They both seriously elude this irresistible charismatic charm and they are super buff to boot. Olalala~

Want to see more?

Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road, #01-17 Singapore, Singapore 228095
Phone 8575 6393 //  Email
Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 21:00

Facebook: EPIKebabs

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki


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