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ME2 Jason Chee Weng Fai // Updates

***UPDATED: 21/12/12***
Monetary Donation Drive is NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC! Read more HERE

*UPDATED: 20 DECEMBER: Jason Chee Weng Fai has regained consciousness!*


Please read HERE


Dear all,

I just wanted to share a few updates about Jason Chee Weng Fai, the SAF Serviceman who was critically injured after he was caught between a winch and a rope onboard the navy’s Landing Ship Tank RSS Endeavour on 10th December 2012.

1) First of all, I am very glad to say that there is now more exposure about the appeal for O+ blood donations. As of 13th December 2012, you can now donate at the following 3 places –

1. Bloodbank@HSA

2. Bloodbank@Woodlands

3. Bloodbank@DhobyGhaut.

As a reminder:
Eligibility of Blood Donors

The following criteria are required for people willing to donate:

1. Blood Group O+
2. Able to pass the Health Assessment questionnaire
3. Mention you are donating to Jason Chee
Understand that this means that you may not be donating directly to him. It just means that they will give priority to him when O+ blood is requested from the blood bank for his case.

*The questionnaire can also be accessed in the following internet link:…donorcare.html

Donors will be screened further at the blood bank and may be rejected due to unsuitability.

Read more HERE and HERE.

2) I understand that there are people already holding donation drives where they are collecting $10 per person to donate to Jason Chee.

Please note that any of these donation drives are NOT OFFICIAL at the moment.

I believe that the intentions of these people are honorable, but please wait for the official MONETARY donation drives to be opened. Currently it is now in midst of being discussed with the relevant official authorities as well as his father.  I will definitely share the news once it’s been confirmed.

Please also understand that Jason Chee is still in critical condition right now and is now still lying in the ICU. It is not confirmed that the worst is over and he has pulled through yet.

What I can confirm is that he has lost 2 of his legs, 1 left arm, and 3 of his fingers on his right hand.

I know you all want to help. But what we can do now is:
1. Donate blood if you are an O+ blood type
2. Pray that he pulls through

Again as mentioned, I will definitely share it once I get the official news is given that an OFFICIAL MONETARY donation drive is being held.

Lastly, just to clarify, I am not related to Jason Chee.
How I get my insider news is because one of my colleagues is his friend and I am sharing it on his behalf in order to get more exposure for his case.

Thank you very much!

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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