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O+ Blood Donation Appeal Updates // SAF Serviceman: Chee Weng Fai Jason

*UPDATED: 21/12/12*
Monetary Donation Drive is NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC! Read more HERE

Just an update on the blood stocks level at the blood bank.


As you can see, the type O blood stock level is still low, but but it soon going to reach the Healthy level very soon.


Credits: Singapore Red Cross Facebook


According to the Singapore Red Cross Facebook, it seems that through the last few days, they have received enough blood for Jason Chee as well as other needy beneficiaries. However, please feel free to continue donating because you never know when more is required.

Again, do stay tuned for updates for the monetary donation drive:

1. Cash donations
Still being discussed with official channels. Please try not to donate through unofficial channels as mentioned HERE as of yet

2. Cheque donations
My collegaue will be contacting  Jason Chee’s family tomorrow to ask if they would be open to receiving donations via cheque

Jason Chee

Lastly, to everyone who has shared this appeal or donated blood..

You have already done what you can for Jason

It is really touching to see how us, Singaporeans have been so united in our desire to help Jason. So for now, let’s just hope that he pulls through.

Fingers crossed 

Till Later,
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