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The Miracles of Makeup // & My 1st Dinner & Dance at One Degree 15 Marina Club

I’ve promised since like..eons ago that I would blog about my first D&D. And so FINALLY, here it is!


Oh and in case you were wondering what D&D means..

Dinner & Dance

There you go. This was the invitation card that was issued to everyone in the company if they had signed up to attend for the company’s dinner and dance. It’s a common practice in which most companies in Singapore hold annually, they will host this huge company dinner to thank their staff and it’s just basically something like a thank you dinner. The draw of this is naturally the door gifts and the lucky draw where awesome prizes can be won! This was my lucky draw number!(:



Usually a plain ol’ dinner and dance can be boring right? So it’s usually a themed one. For my case, it was a Hawaiian themed D&D as last year was a Masquerade themed.


One Degree 15 Marina Club

And it was held at One Degree 15 Marina Club which is this super prestigious and luxury club over at Sentosa Cove. $_$

ONE°15 Marina Club Nestled within the exclusive Sentosa Cove enclave, ONE°15 Marina Club is part of the emerging hip, upscale luxury neighbourhood that is positioned to become one of the world’s most well-integrated waterfront lifestyle communities. Evoking the glamour and elegance of Monte Carlo, ONE°15 offers world-class marina facilities and is replete with a comprehensive range of luxurious private club amenities catering to both boaters and non-boaters alike. More than just a club, it is an unprecedented lifestyle destination. 

Credits: HERE

Anyway, so this is me before makeup.


Oh..I guess even WordPress couldn’t display it because the ugliness level was too high.

This is me with several layers of makeup.

How I normally look like

Yes, that’s my current display picture atm (may have changed). And then…

After a zillion layers of concealers, fake eyelashes, mounds of powder and other rubbish slapped onto my get this:

I assure you, I do not look like this most of the time! HAHAHA! And well, since I think I looked pretty good imo (maybe not in your opinion), what’s a girl gotta do? You camwhoreduh. And I was waiting for the bf to fetch me from home to Sentosa anyway, so I had nothing better to do. Hurhurhur.

*NOTE: If you wish to actually read more about the D&D, kindly skip the next few pictures. LOL

And now for the accessories and a few more camwhore shots:

Peek at the outfit that I wore

Handmade by yours truly(:

My little clutch stuffed full with rubbish

The quintessential Hawaiian flower

My awesome sky high wedges

Reception Area

And finally onto the D&D peppered with random shots of myself. Please bear with me, it’s not all the time I look this good. Gawd I’m!

Pre-D&D Activities – Air Brush Tattoo
Tarot Cards

So there were 2 pre D&D activities held – air brush tattoo of Hawaiian themed stuff and others as well as a tarot card reading. I didn’t like the air brush tattoos so I skipped that. Then the queue for the tarot card reading was SO long! And so by the time it was almost my turn, it was already time for us to enter the ballroom for the dinner 🙁

Ah but before that.. HURHURHUR

I love toilets
Finally a full length photo
What others were wearing
My cute manager and myself
My awesome colleague!
My Department’s Group Photo – with our head // Sorry it’s abit blurry
Here’s a clearer one(:

So as I mentioned, we proceeded into the ballroom for the dinner.

The Door Gift // A Mug with the company’s logo

And on everyone’s plate sat this adorable teddy bear sponsored by the One Degree 15 Marina Club.

Fail photo to pose with it. Luh
Dining Set Up – Chinese Wedding Style
As mentioned, very Chinese wedding style
Our Table
Main Stage
Opening Performance

So the D&D started off with an opening performance of these 2 really hot belly dancers. At first it was like woah, they’re hot, then it went..oh gosh, this is darn long! Their performance took well over 15~ 20 minutes and everyone – even the men looked pretty restless and/bored. And we are hungry!


The first course was served with a style. The doors opened, the lights went down and all the waiters and waitresses entered the room carrying our starter – The Cold Dish Combination with a lighted globe. Not sure what you call that.

The Cold Dish Combination

So inside the Cold Dish Combination, there were Japanese Octopus, Prawn Salad, Marinated Jellyfish, Seafood Roll and Deep-Fried Money Bag.

Prawn Salad

I tried prawns which came with some fish roe. Was okay, nothing special. I also tried one of the jellyfish which tasted disgusting really. One of my colleagues swore that she tasted peanut butter in it. Ew? Bad start

White Wine(:

I washed down the taste of the eeyucky jellyfish with the white wine as I’m not a Chinese tea drinker.

Random shot of one of my colleagues.

He looks like an MP right? With the batik shirt and orchid garland? Imagine him in white! Totally PAP! HAHA!

Braised Shark’s Fin Soup

So apparently this is Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Bamboo Pith. Well, I honestly didn’t see a strand of shark’s fin anywhere. Really starchy so you can tell they added loads of cornstarch. Luckily I’m weird and I like starchy stuff. 

Prize Giving Ceremony

So later there was a prize giving ceremony to give out the long service awards and such. Normal recognition stuff.

Table Game – Bingo

So we had to play Bingo as a table game and then we realized that actually everyone had same numbers. Luhs. Anyway, so we volunteered one of our male colleagues to go up and play some stage games.

Stage Game – Beer Drinking
Roasted Crispy Chicken with Garlic

The Roasted Crispy Chicken with Garlic was delicious! Too bad we were only served one portion like this each. Would have liked more 🙁

Stage Game – Limbo Pole
Steamed Garoupa ‘Hong Kong Style’

Eh just normal, you can eat this at any Chinese restaurant.

Drunken Live Prawns in Chinese Herbs & Wine

I love prawns, but I hate de-shelling them in public! These were juicy and fresh, I like it. But wished the bf was there to help me to de-shell. HAHA!

Sauteed Broccoli with Fresh Scallops

I like broccoli. I like scallops. So this was good. Portions were small as usual.

Stage Games – Best Dressed Male/Female
One of the contestants stripped and bared his buff body!
The 2 winners // Female & Male
Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Dried Scallops and Enoki Mushroom

This was pretty standard. Nothing special.

Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo

The last course was a bummer. Overall the food over at One Degree 15 Marina Club wasn’t really that fantastic.

Passable, but for the price you pay – I’m not so sure.

Lucky Draw

They gave out 40 AWESOME prizes during the D&D – iPads, iPad Minis, Samsung Notes, $1000-$3000 travel vouchers. And nope, I didn’t win anything there. Sadly. My 2 colleagues from my department won the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively. How lucky!(:

107th Prize

I did win the 107th prize though! A $50 Takashimaya voucher! Giving it to my mom(:

Final Performance

The final performance was a huge flop btw. Bad, like he wasn’t even really that funny. 

Oh and since it’s a dinner and DANCE right? Well it wasn’t much of a dance like that in the above picture like in proms and stuff. We basically ended the night by dancing and holding hands to Hokey Pokey (WHAT? LOL?), YMCA and of course,

Gangnam Style!

McDonalds Drive Thru

Oh and I was still HUNGRY after the D&D – I don’t why but apparently all my colleagues went for supper after that too.

The bf drove to the McDonalds drive through over at Kallang and I happily snacked on awesome fries.

So this concludes my blog post! Thanks for reading!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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