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One of the mornings this week – I think was on either Monday or Tuesday, I chanced upon a cute sight of an unwanted gingerbread (girl?) on the floor.

Poor Gingy 🙁

It looked so cute so I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it before rushing to take my bus. For the rest of that day, all I remember is just eating loads of yummy food for lunch, dinner and other snacks.

*pokes fatty tummy*

So for lunch, my colleague and I went to Diao Yu Dao (Diao Yu Island) eatery which just opened recently.


It’s a pretty controversial name for an eatery due to the name. Why? In case you don’t know about the story:

The Diao Yu Islands, or Senkaku Islands, is a group of islands in the East China Sea between Japan, the People’s Republic of China (Taiwan), and the Republic of China.

The islands have been controlled by Japan since 1895, apart from a 1945 to 1972 period of administration by the United States. The islands were then handed back to Japan in the U.S. Japan Security Treaty, and are believed to contain oil reserves, and they are close to key shipping lanes and rich fishing grounds.

The Japanese argue that the islands belonged to no one when they surveyed them in the late 19th century. However PRC and the ROC argue that documentary evidence prior to the First Sino-Japanese War indicates Chinese possession. and that the territory is accordingly a Japanese seizure that should have been returned in 1945.

The dispute escalated in Sept 2012, when the Japanese government bought the remaining three of the disputed islands from its private owner, prompting large-scale protests in China.


Diao Yu Dai Roasted Duck Rice

DISCLAIMER: I am not taking sides by choosing to eat at this eatery

Anyway, I had the roasted duck rice which was decent. The portions look small, but filled me up. Also, the chilli was good – not too spicy for my tastebuds. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to note down the price of the food. But I remember vaguely that it cost about $7 for this including a cup of ice lemon tea.

They also had other food available in their menu such as noodles, seafood fried rice , Hong Kong snacks such as peanut butter thick toast and if I remember right – Thai food as well. Weird huh?

HUGE Raisin Bread, 2x BIGGER THAN MY FIST! @_@ // SGD 1.20

A bakery is also attached to the eatery where I bought this huge raisin bread for only $1.20 as my teabreak snack for work! Very worth it in my opinion, but of course the only raisins that this bread has are the ones sprinkled on top. I’m fine with plain bread though, so it’s okay.


What spoiled everything was when I found this fly inside the bread. So I immediately threw it away. Thankfully it so happened that I looked before taking a bite. It was definitely INSIDE the bread and baked because it was like totally stiff and stuff.

Hopefully, it’s just a one off thing. Thankfully though, I didn’t a tummy ache after that.

Peanut Butter Waffles // SGD 1.50

Due to the above incident, after work, the boyfriend treated me to peanut butter waffles from the PrimaDeli located at PoMo. Yay for pipping hot crispy waffles!

Random camwhore with the boyfriend

Well, actually, we were enticed by the smell while walking to Plaza Singapura for dinner, and we succumbed to the temptation. It tasted great, but the batter was spread a little too thin so it wasn’t as thick as it should be.

Pepper Lunch Express Menu

Even after the waffles, we still had room for a heavy dinner. So off to the Kopitiam food court we went to eat at our favourite place – Pepper Lunch Express.

At Pepper Lunch Express, which is located at various foodcourts, the menu is focused on our Pepper Rice dishes and Curry Pepper Rice dishes with a chosen range of steak dishes. Though we have a smaller menu at Pepper Lunch Express and portions are more economical, rest assured we serve the same Pepper Lunch goodness.


Curry Beef Pepper Rice With Cheese // SGD 6.80

This is what I had – Curry Beef Pepper Rice With Cheese. So when it arrives, it looks like this.

Sizzling Curry Rice with Hamburg Steak (W Egg) // SGD 7.90

You have to mix it immediately to cook the beef on the sizzling hot plate. By the way, the boyfriend had the Sizzling Curry Rice with Hamburg Steak and egg.

After cooking

Makes you feel like a cook, even though you’re not one. Really like concept of this DIY cooking and best of all, even though the portion of the beef is small, everything else is enough to completely and utterly satisfy me to the fulllest. Yes – it’s that good. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

Let me just end off with this super random conversation.

The Boyfriend: Do you know? Elf improves ET?
Me: What on EARTH are you talking about?
The Boyfriend: Really! Elf can improve ET?
Me: Elf? You mean E-L-F?? Really? Then ET? The movie? Uh WHAT????
The Boyfriend: *sniggers and points behind

Are you … kidding me?


Elf Improve ET

Seriously =.=

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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