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Hifumi: Food Review // Japanese Restaurant Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura’s New Look

**UPDATE: I just ate at Hoshino Coffee. Read here: Hoshino Coffee Plaza Singapura // Food Review**

If you passed by Plaza Singapura recently, you would have noticed that they have just opened up a new wing. And no surprise there, there are plenty of new eating establishments there including One Market by celebrity Chef Wan, Hoshino Coffee, Skinny Pizza, Tsuka Nojo and of course, Hifumi. 

Recommendation: If you wish to see the review instead of my nonsense below, please scroll down directly to the pictures below instead(:

Nonsense Part //
The boyfriend wanted to treat me to a good meal on Monday as we didn’t eat out at a fancy restaurant on Saturday so he told me to pick a place to eat at the new wing. As we always walk through the new wing of Plaza Singapura everyday, there was a particular Japanese restaurant that caught my attention. But at that point of time, I couldn’t remember what was the name of the restaurant. All I remembered was that the displays looked freaking awesome, and they were really unique food that I’ve never eaten before, so naturally I wanted to try it out. Plus it looked really good.

But I have to say, I think that the new design layout of the new wing is not really good – it reminds of Vivocity. We had to circle around each level to find the restaurant and there were many hidden crooks that we could walk through to get to one place to another and we kinda got lost how utterly embarrassing. We finally found the restaurant after like 15 minutes of mindless walking and it was called – Hoshino Coffee. I was put off by the long queue and I decided to go for another Japanese Restaurant (one of the many) that we passed by while walking around since it was empty at that time.

And you know what?


Yeah..the queue was so freaking long! I was exasperated, but I was like, what the hell, forget it because I knew that if I were to head back to the other restaurant, the queue would be just as bad. So we decided to stand in line as we spotted like quite a few empty seats (for 2)  inside. Unfortunately, I have to say that their current restaurant seating strategy/seating policy isn’t the best option because it seems like they based on a first come first served basis. Or maybe it’s because they are still new.

For example, the party right at the front end of the queue had a party of 4 while there were several parties of 2 behind them (about 4~5 pairs in front of us). At that point of time, there were no tables available for 4, so basically all of us were just all waiting for any party of 4 currently in the restaurant to leave in order for the new party to enter. It took quite awhile because it was the peak dining period where everyone was just taking their time to have their dinner.

In my humble opinion, I think it would have made better sense if the host/hostess were to take note of the parties of 2 and allow them in first. If not the queue would keep building up. I mean yes, it’s a good thing because it attracts more people to queue. Why? Because most Singaporeans see long queues as a sign of good food. Or it’s just a matter of monkey see monkey do. But again, not all Singaporeans are like that – but the majority are ;p But in generally, the restaurant is actually losing some profits from potential turnover revenue from these smaller parties. Again, this is just my opinion.

Anyway, moving on the review like finally. Gosh, I’m such a complain queen.

The Real Food Review (Mostly in Pictures Cos I’m wayy too lazy to write after the rubbish above ^) //

The Hifumi logo

Experience the authenticity of traditional Japanese cuisine in a chic & contemporary setting. Savour delectable Bento sets among skilfully crafted set menus. Our gastro mania masterpieces include Tonkatsu selections, Humburg steaks & various Udon dishes just to mentioned a few. Dine with us & have a pure “Banzai” experience.

Credits: Hifumi Facebook

The rather delicious looking displays and attractive promotion

So basically you can tell that they serve bento sets with a all you can eat appetizer bar. Sounds like a pretty good deal right? Plus the price is rather affordable. Scroll to see more.

Random camwhoring with the boyfriend while waiting in line
And another. C’mon it was boring! 🙁
Their kitchen as seen through the glass panel. Potatoes potatoes potatoes!
I spy tonkatsu!

So after about 40minutes of wait, we finally got ushered into the restaurant.

Hifumi Menu – Very nondescript don’t you think?
Would be better if the logo was in front for branding purposes. AGAIN. That’s JUST my opinion
Random photo of the boyfriend

The menu is pretty decent with droolicious previews of each item which is great! And they split the menu into different categories like: Healthy Meals, Grilled Fish & Rice, Pork, Homemade Specialties, Chicken, Beef, Standard and Udon Tokyo Style. 

Best of all, all item prices comes with FREE FLOW appetizer buffet bar.

Healthy Meals Menu Page
Grilled Fish & Rice Box // Pork
Homemade Specialties // Chicken
Beef // Standard
Udon Tokyo Style // Drinks

Can you can see, drinks are free flow at an additional $1.99 per person and they have beer too.

Appetizer Bar – sorry for the bad picture
I love their chanwanmushi!
AHHHH AWESOME. Just delicious!

The best item on the appetizer bar would be the chanwanmushi. It is really really delicious, and I had many helpings! As you can see, it’s really silky smooth and it totally melts in your mouth. *savours*

The Other Available Appetizers

Unfortunately, I don’t really recommend the other available appetizers though, but then again, I am really fussy eater and I only took a few that were available. Notice they are mostly starchy stuff to make you full. So here we have chanwanmushi, some rice cracker with gravy (very dry and plain), some codfish bites (just meh), mini potatoes with cheese sauce (really strong flavor, just not my type) and potato salad with corn bits (passable). Other available stuff which I didn’t take were some sweet potato stuff and salad stuff that I didn’t like. The boyfriend didn’t take anything as it didn’t appeal to him at all. Rather disappointing actually, but at least the chanwanmushi and potato salad was okay.

Katsu Curry Set // SGD 13.99

Our orders came decently fast, within a timespan of 10 minutes or so. This is my order, the Katsu Curry set which comes with a bowl of miso soup along. First appearance – looks okay I guess, but the rice portion was really little.

My food & I
A slice of Katsu

The katsu was not bad though, crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. Curry was passable. Overall, meh. Nothing that I would rave about.

Chicken Oyakoni Set // SGD 12.99

The boyfriend had the Chicken Oyakoni Set which is basically simmered chicken in egg and onions.

Photo of the boyfriend with his food (See the amount of rice!)

Again, look at the rice portion. Very pathetic, it wasn’t even a full bowl and he finished it within 4 scoops and ate the rest of the chicken on it’s own. Noticed that other diners were served the same portions too.

Stolen from the boyfriend

Again, another meh item. His comments: “just normal lor”. I agree, nothing to rave about again.

He finished his food in record time!

He said it wasn’t very filling either as the portions were rather small so I went to go get more potato salad to fill up him.
Very smart marketing strategy by Hifumi to have the many starchy food items available huh?
I was full though – maybe because of the crazy number of chanwanmushi servings I had. Lol

The boyfriend giving the Psy (Gangnam Style) pose because I finally allowed him to have a Pepsi

Payment was efficient and the total bill came up to SGD $36.45 after GST and service charge.

Overall, I think that Hifumi is an okay and affordable Japanese Restaurant with inexpensive bento sets if you ever feel like trying out. Unfortunately, I think it was a little let down in terms of the food and such, and there was really nothing to rave about except for the chanwanmushi. Not sure if I would go back again when Tokyo Walker is nicer and about the same price range. Best of all, there’s no queue(:

68 Orchard Road, #04-68 Plaza Singapura, Singapore, Singapore 238839

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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