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First Sale / Sold Out – YAY! And :(

I’m really proud to say that GlamPuss has achieved our FIRST SALE and SOLD OUT item! YAY!

Sold: Enchanted Rose // SGD 6.70 // 1 left, remakes available
Sold Out Item: Secret Garden // SGD 5.70 – No remakes

It may seem like a small thing but yes, it’s a big deal to me! But then you must be wondering what’s with the 🙁 face right?
Well, of course I’m happy that we sold out our first item, but naturally I’m a little disappointed that my own handcrafted necklace – Whimsical Swirls wasn’t the one that was sold. But it’s okay I guess, I’ll keep waiting and hopefully, someone will fall in love with them sometime soon(:

Whimsical Swirls (White-Grey) // SGD 17.70

Anyway, will be meeting Rachel who owns the Love For Fabric label today for lunch and I have created a little something for her as a surprise – which I’ll reveal in my next post. It’s her belated birthday present! Wanna know what it is?

Stay tuned(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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