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Saturday – GlamPuss / Frankieweenie

I mentioned previously in one of my posts here that I would be inviting a blogger to do a sponsored item review/advertorial for my shop, GlamPuss and so I contacted her on Thursday to inquire if she was interested. Initially, I wanted to drop her an email on Monday, but the bf – as the logistics/storage personnel (in other words, he has all my products and he is the one who mails out the items) was having his main exams hence, I decided to let him focus on his exams first.

Anyway, here’s revealing whom the selected blogger is:

Catherine Jaevans aka Singapore’s Complain Queen

Why? Many reasons I suppose like, I think her blog’s interesting and very detailed, plus she’s young, pretty and skinny (to boot!) and the best thing is that she seems to like accessories! Oh and we communicated for quite a bit and I’m super excited to say that she agreed! YAY!(: 

In return, I gave her a free rein to choose any item she liked from my Collection 1:Motley and no surprise, she selected this:

The Gold Phantom

This is one of the prettiest items I have for sale at GlamPuss. And well, if I were her, I would pick that too. Hehe. And so the boyfriend had another taste of doing the packaging and mailing of items on Thursday night to post on Friday (supposedly) – his first experience was when he sent out the earrings to our giveaway winners. Oh but this time, because it was to a blogger who would be featuring my shop, I knew it had to be extra perfect. So I made him switch on his webcam to show me the procedures that he was doing. And he did this:

He’s always doing weird random stuff

What he’s actually doing is the GlamPuss quality check on the clasps and everything, albeit in a SUPER weird pose. I was like gosh, wth are you doing?!

GlamPuss Quality Control

Well and I mentioned that the plan was for him to send it out on Friday right? Then I decided that I wanted to double check again to make sure it was all in good order so I asked him to hold and not mail it out yet. This was a mistake that I made – which I only realized today! If I had not done that, Catherine (the blogger) would have been able to receive it by Monday. Now she would have to wait a little longer, like maybe Tuesday or even Wednesday. Arghhh, I think this doesn’t reflect well on GlamPuss at all, and it was my mistake. Felt super crappy about it today, but hopefully it wouldn’t be an issue.

Here’s a preview of our packaging for our pretty blogger, Catherine:

All nicely bubble wrapped
Stamped with our Fragile stamp in the front with her address, oh and I placed the stamps later
Back stamped with our GlamPuss stamp and a return address. Have sealed it later

Ah okay, and onto Saturday now, like finally. The plan was this:
Movie -> Post Office -> Lunch -> Home Movie -> Dinner -> Home

The movie we watched was Frankieweenieby Tim Burton. I watched The Corpse Bride before and I did like it so I was expecting it to be good as well. Ah, and I haven’t watched a movie in ages! That’s because I was so busy prepping for GlamPuss’s launch, doing my DIY projects and watching home movies on Saturday at the boyfriend’s house instead of going out and watching movies at a physical cinema.

Our Movie Tickets
Nachos Combo
POPCORN! How can we NOT have POPCORN?!

And yes, that’s why I am so fat. Because the boyfriend likes me to indulge in these lovely food which I so willingly enjoy. Even with a cough and slight flu. YES, I HAVE NOT RECOVERED. Oh and I had several bad coughing fits during the movie. Felt super bad because I really couldn’t control them, hope I didn’t interrupt too much….

Oh and this reminds me. During the week, the boyfriend kept saying that he wished that my cough and flu would be passed to him so that I could recover. He got his wish GRANTED and he’s totally complaining about it. HEY! You wished for that in the first place idiot! I’ve already tried to minimize our physical contact and stuff – no kissing, no sharing of straws/spoons, food and etc during the week. He just has a low immune system *scowls*

Ah, and I didn’t really write much about the movie did I? Well, the story is summarized here in my words, sorry it’s still going be to very long. You know I’m super long winded:

Socially awkward boy, Victor who is a Science genius has a pet dog named Sparky who is his only friend. One day, Sparky got ran over by a car trying to pick up a baseball ball during a baseball match that Victor was playing in and hence, Victor was extremely sad. He got inspired by his Science teacher to revive/reanimate Sparky using lightning so he dug out Sparky’s body from the cemetery, constructed a complicated device using household items which would allow Sparky’s body to be struck by lightning. And obviously, it worked so Sparky came back to life.

How Sparky was reanimated

Victor tried to hide his secret but it didn’t work as Sparky escaped the house and was sighted by his classmate, Edgar who is really ugly and hunchbacked. As there was a town science fair, Edgar blackmailed Victor to show him how he reanimated Sparky and they attempted the same experiment again with a dead goldfish – only that the goldfish turned invisible instead. He showed it off to more of Victor’s classmates – Nassor, Toshiaki, Bob and Weird Girl who decided to try out reanimating for their science fair projects.

Victor & Classmates

At that moment, Sparky was later discovered by Victor’s parents and he got scared off by the screaming and Victor asked his parents for help to look for Sparky. While all of them were out, Edgar and the other classmates sneaked into Victor’s lab in the attic to read his formulas and methods to copy. Then they went back to dig up for bodies of dead old pets, animals and 1 even used sea monkeys. After that they used the lightning method to animate them, albeit with disastrous aftermath.

1. Weird Girl’s cat Mr. Whiskers was holding a dead bat while it is electrocuted which turned him into an evil vampire cat thing
2. Edgar turned a dead rat he found in the garbage into a big evil rat
3. Nassor animated his mummified uh, mouse – Colossus which was kinda sad looking
4. Toshiaki’s turtle Shelley turned into a HUGE turtle for some reason
5.  Bob’s Sea-Monkeys turned into larger versions of themselves
Then they all started attacking the townspeople who were at the Dutch Fair.

The Monsters

Around the same time, Victor found Sparky at the cemetery and wanted to bring him home. But he chanced upon Bob and Toshiaki who came running to him for help. Then with all of their help, they managed to subdue the monsters by throwing salted popcorn to the sea monkeys and giving another electric shock to the rat and turtle. Oh and for the mouse, he was smashed by the turtle. Lol. The last was the vampire cat who carried away Elsa, Victor’s neighbour/Mayor’s niece to the windmill at the top of the hill where Victor chased after. The townspeople thought that Sparky killed Elsa as he was carrying her wig and started chasing after him with fire sticks and he ran towards the windmill. There, the mayor accidentally ignited the windmill with Victor, Elsa and the vampire cat inside.

However, Victor was able to save Elsa but the vampire cat didn’t let Victor leave and pushed him down making him unconscious. There, Sparky ran into the burning windmill and dragged Victor’s body out. Just as we thought it was over, the vampire cat dragged Sparky into the burning building with him where they fought. The cat got killed but Sparky was unable to get out in time as the building collapsed. Later, the townspeople were able to find Sparky’s body and they tried to reanimate him again using their car batteries.

Sparky & Persephone

It didn’t work at first, but you know movies – so he was revived. Then he and his love interest, Persephone touched noses and THE END!

The movie is rather similar to the original Frankenstein in terms of:

1. Both are in Black and white 
2. Using of lightning as the animating agent
3. The similarity between Edgar and Igor (both hunchbacked) except that Edgar never really got to be Victor’s assistant
4. Persephone (the poodle and Sparky’s love interest) has a white streak in her hand similar to that of Frankenstein’s Bride

Overall, I did enjoy the movie though the storyline was rather predictable. I’m a sucker for touching scenes and I cried when Sparky was revived again at the last part – yes I KNOW he won’t die but That’s why I refuse to watch heartwrenching movies such as Quill, Marley & Me and all the animal movies in public. I will just bawl at ever single touching scene. I’m not joking =.=

After the movie, we stopped by the post office to send Catherine the necklace, then we had lunch. Generally, we tend to have a more expensive meal on Saturday but today, we decided to be economical because we were both still rather ill and we had loads of unhealthy food just now. So, off to the food court we went.

The boyfriend always has a weird pose

The dishes shown are spine meat soup, sliced fish soup (with milk and without milk) and rice. Yummy, and it just made me feel SUPER BLOATED after the meal. Too much water oh my gosh. HAHA! We ended the day with a home movie: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Yay for big screen tv!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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