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Avecre // Advertorial & Clothing Review


About Avecre:

Avecre = Avenue Creativity

What could be more fun than having fun with a bunch of fun-loving people? We have here 3 core team members consisting: a marketing maniac who works over 80 hrs/wk and slave drives the rest, a programming geek who codes non-stop and wishes to do it till he gets his PhD – Permanent Head Damage; a fashionista cum scholar from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, with the aspiration of becoming a housewife.

Additionally, we are blessed with a group of capable and resourceful non-core members: an aspiring lawyer from UK acting as our legal advisor, 2 in-house photographers who are impressively devoted and passionate about photography (be sure to constantly check out our lookbooks and be amused!), and a panel of ardent supports who frequently provide valuable feedback and suggestions!

At Avecre, we believe there are a lot more to offer to the online shopping channel and are constantly looking for new ways to bring in more creative ideas, more creative designs, and a more creative platform for users and designer alike.

So recently I won an outfit from one of a Like & Share giveaway hosted by Avecre, an online apparel store so I decided to just randomly do a review on them since I was busy camwhoring with the new outfit yesterday while waiting for the boyfriend to reach my place. Be prepared for like a zillion pictures of me with the items, skip it if you’d like cos I know the pictures aren’t very flattering. HAHAHA

SS of the winners on their page – mitsueki ademaro, that’s me!(:

After receiving the email notification from them saying that I was one of the lucky winners to receive an outfit, I was super psyched! And this is what I won:

5-Way Polka Dot Cape Top (Black) – SGD 22

So because of that, I went to their website to check out their items. The following are just a few of my favourite pieces that I may consider purchasing.

Striped Maxi Drop Hem Dress (Navy)
Striped Maxi Drop Hem Dress (Navy) – SGD 17 // This is really tempting me atm but I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull off the look. *pokes fat tummy*
Polka Dot Dress
Polka Dot Dress (Turquoise) – SGD 19.90 // I like the orange one too!
Sweetheart Dress
Sweetheart Dress – SGD 17 // Also another piece I am considering
Romantic Cape Dress (Beige) – SGD 26 // Currently sold out, but the dusty pink looks just as good
Zara Sparrow Dress (S/M/L) – SGD 24

Ya okay, with so many pretty pictures, it’s now onto my pictures taken with bad lightning. Hope you don’t mind! Didn’t really write much so I’ll just let the pictures explain(:

 The 5-Way Polka Dot Cape Top (Black) – looks the same in reality and in the pictures
Whoo, my fat arm on display. Was playing around with the sleeves/cape
Paired with my handcrafted braided necklace
And my handcrafted braided bracelet in purple
Dirty mirror
I know the mirror’s dirty LOL
From the side. Pardon the fat thighs, I’ve tried to look for an angle to make myself look skinner. Hey this works right?
Again, fat thigh fat arms. Ignore that, focus on the top
And the so-called full body shot. Advice: stand in this weird position so that you look way skinnier.
The Prancing Floral Deer
Lastly, paired with The Prancing Floral Deer from my Collection 1:Motley

My Facebook Photo Album:

Overall, I like the top a lot. It’s great to wear in Singapore as the chiffon material is very thin, but do note that you have to wear a tube or something inside as it is very see-through. I wore a black tube in these pictures btw. Also, I have fat flabby arms so generally I go for clothes with sleeves or pair my sleeveless clothes with a cardigan. This top made my fat arms less obvious so I’m really happy with that. Best of all, cape overlay is SO fun to play with like what their model is doing here:

yay! swirling and twirling!

Wow, surprisingly this became a rather long post. Anyway, I’ll definitely add Avecre to my shops to buy list. If you like what you’ve seen as well, here are their details:


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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