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TGIF & Pastamania

Since I posted so many posts up yesterday, I decided to leave this post for today instead. Then I realized, crap, I have LOADS to say even today! But whatever, I’m just going to continue blogging about yesterday. Okay, and I just wrote a whole lot of rubbish as usual instead of getting straight to the point – hope you don’t mind. Hehe

Anyway so here it goes:

So you know that Christmas is coming real soon. Our office is starting to put up small decorations and planning for a Christmas party (not confirmed atm yet) and our assistant facilities manager just sprayed this cute Christmas snowflake on our office door. So I….

*sneaked to see if anyone was looking*

Then I whipped out my camera to take a photo of it. If not, I think if I got caught standing outside my office door taking a photo of it, it would look real silly huh? Like it’s just a sprayed on snowflake. Lol.

Christmas Decoration

Oh and because Friday is dress down day, this was my OOTD taken at the toilet – hope you don’t mind the thunder thighs, lol. I never said I was skinny, I have a pear like shape with huge thighs and hips and I’m a lazy person so I don’t work out. Hurhur. And I also know my outfit’s not that suited for work, but I barely stepped out of the office as I didn’t want to spread my flu around, so yeah~ And I know I always get mistaken for a student. *pokes fat cheeks*

That’s alot of ands. And excuses.

Friday OOTD

I always look forward to after work. I mean who doesn’t right? Especially on a Friday night! Well, unless you’re really really weird, seriously.

It feels great to know that I’m really really free during the weekends (other than working on my GlamPuss related stuff) because I know that I don’t have to study for any more exams and I’m not boggled down with assignments and stuff like I have been for the past xx years as a student. Oh and if you didn’t know – I’m a fresh uni graduate from SIT-UNLV (Singapore campus).

Ah and yes, one of the best things after work is meeting the bf for dinner together. He works at Raffles Place while I work at Dhoby Ghaut area, so generally I will just rot in my office till he makes his way over. Which takes awhile – an average of 35 minutes? So even if I knock off work at 6pm, I can only leave at 6.35pm onwards. Yesterday he was especially late though, think he reached at about 6.45~6.50pm-ish as he was rushing to finish his work or something like that.

We usually have dinner at the Kopitiam foodcourt at Plaza Singapura since it was the most economical, but yesterday we decided to have dinner at Pastamania instead. Mainly also because I had to collect my Pastamania member card which I finally decided to sign up for. I love membership cards because the discounts are totally worth it as Pastamania is one of my top favorite pasta places to eat!

My Pastamania Card with vouchers!(:

Signing up for a Pastamania membership card is relatively more expensive compared to the usual $10 from most restaurants that I go to.. But you get free vouchers to use so I think the deal’s not bad at all:

Pastamania Membership Card – SGD 15
– Card
– $10 pizza voucher
– $5 pasta voucher

You can sign up at any Pastamania outlet – just get the form from any outlets (or download it online), fill it up and give it to the staff there. You’ll then be issued a temporary card which you can use instantly. Then in about 1 month, they will drop you an sms to ask you to collect your card at the closest Pastamania outlet of your choice which you must choose when you sign up.

These are the benefits of being a Pastamania member:

– 15% off total bill except combos & promotional items
– 25% off pasta & pizza on birthday week 6days before and after date of birth
– Student promotion extension: 30% off pasta & pizza, Mon-Thurs, 8.30pm till closing (excluding eve of /PH & school holidays)
– $1 regular coffee / tea
– Exclusive promotion for members only

For more details, terms & conditions, do refer here:

Of course the best deal is the 1st one – 15% off the total bill. It really does save you quite abit if you patronize there often like me. Like yesterday, we already saved $5 off and I totally forgot to use my vouchers. Stupid me. This is what we had:

So first up, there are 3 different combos with different options as seen here:

Pastamania Combos – $5.50 / $4.20 / $3.90

We selected Combo A which comes with garlic bread (didn’t take a photo of), a drink (selected ice lemon tea) and soup!

Creamy Chicken Soup

I love MOST types of cream soup. Generally they will give you a choice of  chicken, mushroom or vegetable cream soup which differs daily OR a standard minestrone soup. Very generous with the chicken bits as usual and is yummy! That’s my opinion of course!(:

Chicken Caesar Salad – $6.50

The only type of salad I go for is Caesar Salad (with chicken or not, it doesn’t matter). So in most places, I tend to order to see if it’s nice. I tried the caesar salad here a couple of weeks ago for the first time (even though I’ve eaten here for YEARS) and I totally love it. It comes with romaine lettuce, turkey bacon bits, croutons, egg & house caesar dressing. Oh and chicken of course. Ah the dressing is the one that makes a HUGE difference and this suits my taste buds. Other places with caesar salad that I dig will be from SaladStop and The Soup Spoon. *LOVES*

The bf’s Chicken Bolognaise – $8.20

Ironically, the boyfriend hates tomato, but he grew to love meat based TOMATO bolognaise. So everytime we go to a restaurant to have pasta, he will ONLY look at the chicken/beef bolognaise and MOST likely order that. I’m okay with it but not such a huge fan. The best bolognaise in my opinion is from Cacio E Pepe. The price is totally worth paying for btw(:

Carbonara for myself – $11.90

Generally I eat the Tom Yum Seafood creamy pasta, but I opted for a change yesterday and had the carbonara instead. I was still having a slight flu so my taste buds were a little affected hence, I wanted something with a stronger taste thus this option. They were really generous with the bacon and honestly, I wasn’t able to finish it. Mostly because I had both the soup AND the salad!

Random photo of the bf who was about to sneeze. LOL think I passed him the flu

Hope the pictures of the food didn’t make you drool too much. Heehee.

Islandwide Outlet Locations:

Btw, if you were wondering, nope, I’m not being paid or sponsored in any way to do this review. This is just my honest opinion of one of my favourite eating places that I would like to share(:

Till later,

♥ mitsueki

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