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Blatant Advertorial 1 – GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley

Today, I decided to write a blatant advertorial post for my own online shop – GlamPuss.

How totally thick-skinned yes? Lol!

My skin as thick as a rhino’s hide. Hurhur

So onto my advertorial, *cracks fingers*

Introducing GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley, launched on 17 November 2012!

What is a motley collection you may ask? Well, as quoted from our website here:

1. The Motley Collection
Features various assorted GlamPuss accessories and queerkies.

So basically this particular motley collection features some lovely accessories outsourced from my overseas suppliers, and yes, every single item is all lovingly handpicked by me! *grins* I hope you like my taste!

Also, in celebration of GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley, we have a WHOOPING 17% OFF promotion. Details are as seen here:

Click here to LIKE & SHARE to enjoy 17% off!

So here are the items for sale!

Do note that prices are before mailing charges and our 17% off discount!(:

The Gold Phantom //  SGD 15.70
The Silver Phantom // SGD 15.70
The Delicate Leaf // SGD 6.50
The Prancing Floral Deer // SGD 11.70
A Floral Rendezvous // SGD 9.70
The Mysterious Key // SGD 9.70
You’ve Got Mail // SGD 6.50
Like A Blob (Assorted) // SGD 3.70

So whatcha think of GlamPuss’s Debut Collection 1:Motley? If you are interested in any of the items for sale, just fill up the order form here:

Click HERE to order!

Shop here:

Hehe ^^

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