Marketing & GlamPuss First Giveaway (+ Winners!)

Marketing by word of mouth is a slow process even though it can be rather beneficial – I think. Well, that’s what I read on many blogs and marketing books from my poly and university days. But on a general note, marketing – be it WOM, advertising and etc is one of the most crucial factors in this business. Because without marketing, how are you to get exposure for your business?

Being a low budget person, the best place that I could really do marketing is on Facebook as it has the potential to reach out to a huge consumer base. And it really works. You’ve seen all the blogshops do that and I’m pretty sure you have participated in at least one of these. I know I have. Hehe, and won a few ;x

“Hi! We are giving away $xxx vouchers/free apparel! Just like & share this picture! Then leave a comment below”

“Like our Facebook page to win this free xxxxxx item!”

Then you see like a zillion likes, shares and comments. Sounds so easy right?

But trust me, it isn’t so easy, especially for a start up business. As part of my marketing campaign, I decided to host GlamPuss’s first giveaway last week. At first it was a like and share contest:


But to be brutually honest, the response wasn’t good. In fact, there was no response at all even though many people viewed the picture. I even tried out Facebook advertisements but nil, zilth. So I decided to change it up because I really do want people to walk away with these earrings, so it became this:


In this giveaway, all one had to do was to like GlamPuss page and since my page had already 60+ likes at that point of time, so yeah. I also changed the Facebook advertisement and after running it for 2~3 days – my GlamPuss Facebook page had a new like from it! Lol, it doesn’t sound like much, but it was a moment of happiness for me to see that it worked!



Okay and anyway, the contest is now closed! As I was under the weather yesterday (and still am right now), I’m gonna pick the 3 random winners!(: How? Lol, seriously I’m just gonna close my eyes and scroll the whole list and just point and click.

They are: *drumrolls and closes eyes*

ME! LOL Wth. Ignore that

MY BF. Eh what? Think I’m gonna change it up to make it fair:

What a sad method. And I’m using to pick the numbers.


Lol, anyway, here are the winners. Like really, the winners.

1. Yeap Jia Ying

2. Joy Chen

3. Roxanne Holmberg

Congratulations and thank you so much for liking GlamPuss’s Facebook page!(:

Will be contacting you guys shortly!


Till later

♥ mitsueki

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