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My Wisdom Tooth Surgery Experience at Q&M Dental: Removing all 4 at a go! – 8 Jul 2018

It’s D-Day today and you know what? I was frighteningly and eerily calm about the whole thing – which is super weird because I’m usually a panicky/nervous/worrisome person by nature. But just not today..lol, am chalking it up to my previous scare the night before and perhaps a host of other things that occupied my …

Diary of a Wanderess x Hermit at Home, Friendship, mitsueki, mitsueki Friends, Personal FInance, Personal Life, Slice of Life

Wisdom Tooth Appointment x Bugis Street Shopping – 5 June 2018

Was a relatively busy day on Tuesday! Starting off with lunch first as usual! Looked at my finances once again (yes realized this is an occurring theme lol!) and I got my tax letter for the year. Yeah time to pay up! So far I’ve been lucky that my taxes are auto filed under my …