Singapore Facebook users going crazy over Bitstrips

Bitstrips comics, don’t tell me you haven’t seen them on your Facebook newsfeed <_<

Singapore Facebook users going crazy over hot app Bitstrips

By now, you should be aware of — or for some, annoyed by — the comic strips your friends have been flooding your Facebook newsfeed with. 

Blame the quick rise of a new social media app called Bitstrips, which allows users to design comic versions of themselves and depict their lives in a comic strip, complete with characters and scenes of their choice. Users can also rope their friends into their comic strips and create a fictional virtual life through them.

The app’s Facebook page was launched in 2012, and it was only recently made downloadable for smartphones running on both iOS and Android.

Leslie Chew, the Singapore political “cartoonist” who was charged this year after authorities found four of his comics posted on his Facebook page “Demon-cratic Singapore” to be in contempt of court, is possibly the earliest Singapore user of the app.

A user had commented saying, “Now Bitstrips are a big hit on Facebook.”

Chew replied, “Cool! Hopefully more people will use it and come out with their own unique content to highlight social and political issues. My job here would be done then and I can then move on to something else.”

According to Bitstrips’ Twitter page, the founders are based in Toronto, Canada. According to the website, it now has 11 million unique users, 55 million Bitstrips shared and 3 billion viewed.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom

And gosh, they used to be interesting but is it just me or are they getting annoying now?! ;/

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