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Food Review | Super Ngon Vietnamese Noodle Cafe

Went for my baking classes at Butter and Bake recently and was recommended this Vietnamese restaurant for lunch during our break time!

Super Ngon Vietnamese Noodle Cafe
466 Crawford Lane #01-08 S190466

The Place

The restaurant is small and homely; really like the chill vibe here!

The Menu

For your reference, here’s the full menu! The main choice of food is pho – chicken or beef depending on your preference!

The Food

Ate with my classmates and all of us ordered the beef noodle soup (pho bo) while a few of them ordered an additional spring roll ($4 for 2 pieces)! Didn’t try the spring roll but it looks pretty good and the ingredients were generous for the price!

I had the small beef noodles (pho bo) at $6.90 which will suffice small eaters like myself. If you need more, they have a regular at $7.90 and the special version at $8.90! No GST or service charge in case you were wondering!

Portion was alright, generous amounts of fresh beef, noodles were cooked great and the soup was nice and tasty with plenty of herbs. I enjoyed my lunch very much!

Most importantly, it’s fully air conditioned so you won’t be sweating on a hot day eating a hot bowl of noodle soup. 😂

Nice place to have some authentic Vietnamese pho, drop by for a visit if you are in the vicinity and craving for some pho!

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