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[NEW] Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake 阿嬷老字號 – now available in Singapore!

The popular Ah Mah traditional homemade egg sponge cake from Malaysia is now available in Singapore! They opened their first outlet at Bukit Panjang with much fanfare just last week and a few weeks later on 20 July 2017, they opened their second outlet over at Vivocity!

Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake 阿嬷老字號

I dropped by on their media opening day as I really wanted to have a taste of their highly raved egg sponge cake!(:

Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake 阿嬷老字號

  • Vivo City, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-K7, Singapore 098585
  • 1 Jelebu Road, Bukit Panjang Plaza, #01-18, Singapore 677743

As of now, Ah Mah only offers 2 varieties of sponge cake – the original egg sponge at $8 and the cheese cake at $11. Due to overwhelming demand, each customer can only purchase up to 2 cakes! Be prepared to queue to get your hands on the cakes though!

Original – $8

Cheese Cake – $11

It’s an open concept takeaway kiosk where you can see your homemade traditional egg sponge cakes being prepared on the spot before being baked and sliced in front of your eyes while you queue. The whole baking process takes around 80 minutes per cake if you were wondering!

In case you want to see the whole process, here’s what will happen once the sponge cakes have been baked!

The chef will gently pull out the sponge cake from the oven as seen below.

Slowly allow the cake to cool.

Flip it twice.

And meticulously slice the sponge cake beautifully. Did you know that each egg sponge cake is made from simple ingredients such as eggs, sugar and milk – no butter involved at all! Oh..there are around 46-48 eggs in each cake btw OMG! 😂

The final touch is to stamp each jiggly sponge cake with their Ah Mah cake stamp to certify that it is indeed an Ah Mah cake!

And lastly, each slice will be carefully placed into their respective packaging.

Each slice is a HUGE slab!

All ready to be taken home for your enjoyment!

Note that they will not be sliced individually into smaller pieces but a plastic knife will be provided! Slice it up at home and enjoy your delicious Ah Mah traditional egg sponge cake! The original is on the LEFT while the cheese version is on the RIGHT!

Personally I really enjoyed the original best but if you prefer something savory – you will enjoy the cheese cake! Taste is of course, subjective so I’ll leave it to you to decide after you try Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake yourself!(:

Note: This was an invited media event but all opinions are of my own!

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