Warning: GRAPHIC // Nurse decapitated by faulty elevator in hospital

I first spotted this on EDMW Singapore which is a video being circulated online by Weibo users. Before that, I just want to warn you that it can be a little graphic, even though the images were censored in the video so if you’re abit squeamish about this..would suggest you not watch it.

So what’s going on?

Full Video [Warning Graphics] Nurse decapitated by faulty elevator in hospital

Female nurse crushed to death by elevator in Shenzhen’s Luohu District

A 24-year-old woman surnamed Wang died after being trapped in the doors of an elevator in the Luohu district of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Wednesday morning, local authorities said.

The tragedy happened when the woman, working as an intern at a hospital in Changhong Mansion, was about to step out of the elevator on the third floor. The elevator’s doors then slammed shut clamping Wang on her neck. It plunged and did not stop until the basement level, according to the district work safety authority.

According to a widely circulated Weibo post, the nurse was killed at scene, with blood spraying on other passengers in the elevator. The incident is still under investigation.

Article Credits:WhatsonXiamen

God..this just reminded me of Nora Carpenter’s death in Final Destination 2 when she was too, decapitated by the elevator. It was the scene I never forgot to date ever since I watched it as to me, it was one of the most goriest scenes.

But anyway, oh gosh, after watching this video, it makes me feel EVEN MORE scared to get into a lift (yes, I am a tad afraid of getting into a lift) for fear that this might happen.

You never know right?! Ugh..

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